Sony confirm lineup for Eurogamer Expo

The Lost Gamer writes "Today Sony have unveiled their line up for the upcoming Eurogamer Expo at the end of October, and if this isn't enough to get any gamer heading to either Leeds or London then we're not sure why!"

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wxer2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

cant wait to see what well sony is gona show up in Eurogamer Expo

captain-obvious2924d ago

Eurogamer Expo well be hold in Europe

gaffyh2924d ago

I'm going to the one in Leeds, anyone nearby that doesn't go is stupid, first chance to play GOW3 and Heavy Rain!!

Barcefut-092924d ago

captain-obvious, for always showing us the obvious

SupaPlaya2924d ago

You forgot, it will be an expo

captain-obvious2924d ago

the ones that Disagreed with me clicked on "Disagree"

gaffyh2924d ago

@1.6 - He also forgot to mention that it's for gamers. :D

Alcon Caper2924d ago

I sense a bright future for Captain Obvious.

Tony999Montana2924d ago

OMG, I live in Leeds! Why is this the first I've heard of the expo. I'll see fellow N4G'rs there, if I can go.

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Slient Knight 92924d ago

yeah went last year it was ok but seems its going to be better with all the big companys being there, can't wait to get my hands on some of those games better start saving now

TOO PAWNED2924d ago

Don't expect any big announcements, TGS is last big event of the year where announcements are made.
Still nice for people that can go there and play those games.

Venatus-Deus2924d ago

Seeing that you were Siligon’s number 1 fan (and took every opportunity to smoke his c0ck), I’m actually not sure if you are best placed to have an informed opinion on the games industry.


Blaster_Master2924d ago

I dont even see why Sony would waste their time going to a third world country's event especially when Eurolamer always tries to sabotage Sony's reign.

tdrules2924d ago

UK is a third world country?
And you wonder why the world hates America, pretentious pr1ck

Redempteur2924d ago


you need to do more research before speaking .

Remember the gamescom ?
Remember how they decided to present themselves more at teh events in europe ( whatever country )

Do you remember that part ?

I think you don't ..

DigitalAnalog2924d ago

Uncharted 2? Really? I mean, the game would be released a week or so before this event.

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The story is too old to be commented.