PlayDevil: Wolfenstein X360 Review

PlayDevil has posted an in-depth Xbox 360 review of Activisions' latest FPS "Wolfenstein".

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"The main differentiator between Wolfenstein and other similar shooters are the occult based 'Veil' powers. Pretty early on, you get your first power, which speeds you up, and identifies enemies, weak spots and secrets. This is pretty cool, although you do end up spending so much time in the Veil that you can miss out on some of the nice graphical touches the game has when it's off. You also get to slow down time and power up your weapons. These features use up way more juice though, however, so you won't get to use them quite as much as the basic power."

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IDetonation3134d ago

But this game is the biggest Call of Duty knockoff EVER.

GamerKnights3134d ago

Yep but remember that Wolfenstein (the original) was also on the first FPS :)
So this is basically a sequel of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".