Bayonetta Release Date and Collectors Edition Details Leaked

ConnectedConsoles: Leaked notes today have shown the huge news that Sony plan to bring all PS2 games to the PlayStation Network. Not only that, but it reveals Sega's upcoming Action game, Bayonetta will be getting a Collectors Edition and a possble release date of January 5 2010.

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Zedux3253d ago

I heard this is a multi-plat game so I won't buy this $hit (360's fault)! PS3 only does everything including AAA exclusives!!!

MAiKU3252d ago

Yes it's really sad that game with such promise will be poorly ported over to the ps3. I'll still buy it though.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3252d ago

...none of you ever have children.

v1c1ous3252d ago

people need to stop jumping the gun and learn to read.

Sony is still in discussion and it mentioned SELECT titles. not the entire ps2 library.


Sensationalism, exaggerations, biased opinions, out right lies... That gaming journalism today, way less passionate, way more professional and all for hits.

foreverflame3252d ago

Expect the 360 version to run better

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