IncGamers - MMO Weekly: What's Wrong With Warhammer

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis has a look at why Warhammer doesn't quite fit the bill. This on the back off last week's Austin Game Developers' Conference speech from executive producer of Warhammer Online, Jeff Hickman.

This is what Hollis has to say:
" read Hickman's comments, I thought he was waaaaaay off base. Don't get me wrong; I really like Jeff Hickman. In fact, I really like every single member of the WAR development team. However, the problems Hickman felt were most serious were ones that weren't even on my radar, and the problems I felt truly troubled Warhammer didn't even get mentioned. Reading Hickman's post mortem gave me a very curious sensation."

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AndyA3071d ago

Lol, interesting stuff. Hope he's ready for the backlash!

Leord3071d ago

You mean angry WAR fans? :)

Baka-akaB3071d ago

from who ? Those are the fights WAR players complains about .

And yet like the article says , the dev seems in lalaland , being deluded about issues no one cares about or even thought existed , hence annihilating any hopes of them ever getting it right .

CadDad3071d ago

...that the devs are out of touch with the playerbase, but the author also missed a few glaring issues that I had when I was playing.

I was also a long-time DAoC player that didn't get anything out of WAR but a few months of the experience.

The biggest and most glaring problem is the repetition and imbalance of RVR. If I put the class imbalance issues (glaring) aside and focus on the RVR aspect of the game I'm left with 4 nearly identical tiers of bottlenecking. There are objectives in RVR, but due to the nature of zerging the players all bunch up where the other players are with one side having numbers and winning. So you end up with the objectives being taken, and the zerg camping the port in points in every tier. Rinse, repeat, ad naseum.

If you do in fact get the zerg to go take objectives in other race lands, you are faced with a nearly 100% PVE encounter because the opposing army is in the previous zone. By the time they realize where you are going, you are nearly done taking the objectives and they arrive to get camped at the zone in points. Rinse, repeate, ad naseum.

It would be easy to fix WAR, but they really should have taken the success of DAoC combat and added in balanced classes. They also should have made one big zone for end game and RVR.


Fyzzu3071d ago

In part, I agree - except for the opinion that balancing classes is easy. I mean... no. Just no.

Baka-akaB3071d ago

Seriously if it's easy , i'd like him to point us to a mmo with pvp component that is balanced and isnt Guild wars (aka a entirely instanced game , and mostly arena centric) .

Hell even guild wars went through a lot of patching to get it right , and had to redo from scratch whenever they added new classes .
And it has been an ongoing process for WoW with far more misses .

Aion too is unlikely to get balanced before a lot of patching , if ever .
People forget that Aion didnt just got release , the western version did . they had plenty time to keep patching .

Leord3071d ago

Well, the game still seems to survive at the very least :)

moondragon3071d ago

I think with warhammer, they focus too much on pvp which is fun but they should spend more time with lore and pve.

Chazmers3071d ago

was a good game but like Jeff said definitely had some major flaws.

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