Radeon HD 5870 comes with Dirt 2 coupon

Half Life voucher all over again...

Not so long ago, ATI paid some 6 million dollars to Valve to make Half Life 2 run good on ATI hardware and to be optimized for DirectX 9 at the time. After a long delay, the game did shipped but the Halo effect didn't fail to materialize.

This time around Radeon HD 5870 comes with Dirt 2, first DirectX 11 game..

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Nihilism3132d ago

sooo close, i can feel crysis trembling...

FordGTGuy3132d ago

so the price of cards like the GTX 295 will come down and I can buy one :).

champ213132d ago

5870 x2 will be awesome ;-)

Nihilism3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


that would be absolute worst timing, wait for the next series, the bechmarks for the gt300's will be insane, the gtx295 scales horribly in sli, even the standard gt300 version ( the equivilant to the gt280 this time) will beat the gtx295,

i have a gtx280 and upgrading now would be a whole lot of money for very little benefit

personally i'm gonna wait for a cpu upgrade for probably a year

i run a q9450 @3.2ghz, so i'm cool on the cpu front, ( i7 upgrade + x58 mobo, + ddr3, = expensive, and all for no increase in gaming performance ( i7's aren't cool with 1 gpu)), so im gonna get a gt380, or whatever they call them, and then work on the rest, i think it's crazy that people run 30" monitors, you'd have to lower the settings in quite a few games that i run maxed (including 16qaa)now 32" is 81cm, lol, my last monitor was 17", i'm using 22" now, and 55cm is very decent for a pc monitor in my eyes


some competition is always a good thing, and ati's single card performance is where they shine anyway, i don't think i'd bother with crossfire as it scales terribly, but i only got one card this gen ( lol, only....years ago it was unheard of), and i'll probably only get 1 next time, so a 5870 would go down nice and smooth, it just sucks that ati only support 8*aa (with a single card).

16qaa with games like tyhe witcher and battfront 2 and older games makes them look alot easier on the eye. Even kotor looks good with that much aa

yeah i know they next gen of card will be fine,

crysis should run at 45frame average on very high at 30" even with the 5870 (it ran at 45frame average at 1900*1200, and that was with 4*aa), this is from online benchmarks of the new card, which is why i said i play to get a gpu before upgrading the other stuff, getting a 30" monitor now would be stupid, i think the average for crysis with gtx280 on very high on 30" is 12 frames...

@shane kim

the specs can't really be compared as the gpu architecture is drastically different ( the way the components work and are programmed for), nvidia had cuda, ati does not, nvidia supports physx...ati does not, but all that will change, the only reason ati doesn't have physx is because nvidia have licensed them to port it across

champ213132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

agreed no point getting the 295gtx once the gt300 is out

for one thing i think the new cards will have a lot higher memory. so it will be easier for them to handle hi res textures at extreme resolutions.

the 295gtx with its shared memory struggles at resolutions like 2500*1600. i would recommend the g300 processor once its out.

with the competition going on between ati and nvidia prices will be good thats a given.

i support ati and nvidia. i belive nvidia's solution probably will be better.. though i will end up getting an ati card cause i feel they are under represented.

5870x2 + 30inch screen 1600p gaming says hi :P

Shane Kim3132d ago

I dunno sh!t about computers. But it feels like ati and nvidia cards can do the same sh!t only that ati's cards are cheaper.

At least here in Sweden ati cards are often cheaper, and judging from the specs, it's basically the same card.

champ213132d ago


well they are usually quite close in performance. out doing each other depending on game.

4870X2 was by far the most powerful card out there for a good while. until nvidia came out with the 295GTX.

Though 58XX series should give Ati the lead for a short while until the gt300 series comes out. then again they will be trading blows. its good for us the consumer. 3D gaming wouldnt be where it is today had it not been for companies like these.

RoarrrUK3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I'm holding out for the 2nd gen dx11. Unless you're buying a pc right now or simply can't wait, wouldn't you want comparison specs? Plus the 1st gen is always risky, you get burnt on price and then improvements come out.

I'm running 3.8GHz i7 (X58), 6GB DDR3, o/c GTX285, 24" IPS panel, 1920x1200. While I'm keen to utilise DX11 especially with Dirt 2, I'm holding out for later dx 11 releases.

For a start I have a GTX285 rather than a GTX295 / HD4870x2 soley down to noise/temp. ATI cards run hot, everyone knows that due to reviews and comparisons. THe GT300 will probably thrump the 5870 but if its louder, then I'd consider ATI.

It's not just performance/£/$, there are other factors. Though some people aren't concerned with power/noise/temp etc, some are.

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free2game3653132d ago

Man I remember the HL2 launch. That game was such a mess technically. On a similarly powered Nvidia card at the time you couldn't even run the game in DirectX9 mode. I remember I could run DX9 fine in UT2k4 and Far Cry.

DelbertGrady3132d ago

"Not so long ago, ATI paid some 6 million dollars to Valve to make Half Life 2 run good on ATI hardware..."

Thoughtful of them to give Gabe a free meal.

dirthurts3132d ago

A dirt2 coupon would certainly sweeten the deal.

xg-ei8ht3132d ago

Yeah Uncharted 2 makes crysis tremble.

champ213132d ago

lol uncharted pls

tombraider looks better on my system then uncharted running on my bros ps3 lol.

Arnon3132d ago

It's all good. I doubt the guy's ever actually seen Crysis running on max.

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