Need for Speed Shift: First patch available

The first patch for Need for Speed Shift is now available. It covers a LAN-mode for the PC version.

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DERKADER3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

The PS3 version of the game doesn't have body deformation. Is this a bug or intentional? Watch video to see differences, pause at 40sec and 52sec for close up. Yes I have this game on PS3 and have turned the damage to full, cars will not get dented.

Taz Yamauchi3135d ago

I'm dissapointed in this game I hope they fixed that annoying bouncing of cars Then I will buy it, been playing at a friend's pc so far all I can say is "SHINY TURD"

dirthurts3135d ago

My computer runs Crysis at max, but can't push this pos at a constant 30fps...
Horrible optimization. I'm waiting for a patch for that. If they don't fix it, I'm renting it on the ol xbox.

TheIneffableBob3135d ago

It actually plays really well on my computer. With a mid-range 8800 GTS 512, I get around 50-60 FPS maxed out.

If you use an NVIDIA card, try out the 191.00 drivers. You can get them on

Redempteur3135d ago

Wooo a patch so soon .... is this game so bad like i think it is ?

Still waiting for GT...