PS3 motion controller: March '10 in Japan, Virtua Tennis and Sales Expectations

Sony's PS3 motion controller is set for March 2010 in Japan.

According to a leaked document transcribing a confidential meeting between SCEA and SEGA, the PS3's motion controller is set to release in March 2010 in Japan.

Bundles and pricing aren't mentioned, but they are expected to be announced soon.

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sprinterboy3163d ago

The first title for the Sony Motion Control is "Harry Potter". I know a June date is being talked about for either the US or Europe so March in Japan could be correct. Document seemed a bit off though.

techie3163d ago

Thought it was grand slam tennis?

shark973163d ago

I think it's the best controller 4 hardcore games In this generation ,, cause I believe that the other controller is for casual games

techie3163d ago

And why, pray tell, is that?

imnotgoodtenglish3163d ago

Sony seems to have a strange relationship with Sega recently.Wierd.I thougt they like MS more.

shark973163d ago

no its not like that ,,

Raoh3163d ago

Damn, sony can't keep a secret to save their own life..

they should put a clause in their contracts that if any company like sega leaks info they owe sony money or an exclusive or something..

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