SEGA leaks Sony's plans for PS2 and Dreamcast emulation on PS3

SEGA has let a pretty fat cat out of the bag by releasing confidential notes from a meeting with Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Sony wants to release all PS2 games on the PlayStation 3, according to a meeting between SEGA America and SCEA.

The meeting was held on August 5th, with comments regarding SEGA's PS3 and PSP releases, as well as Sony's plans for the console in the near future.


UPDATE: "Another exciting titbit is that SEGA could provide Sony with DreamCast titles for the PS3."

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wxer3254d ago

what the hell SEGA got to do with it ??

any way



Cyrax_873254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I like that they mention Vice City. If they do sell them on PSN, I hope they give all the games trophies and other slight upgrades.

wxer3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

i think its fake
i dont know but
something feels not right

i've downloaded the doc. and i am going through it right now

i mean in here

"Sonic Racing
Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters
maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes"

okay its cool
"characters from Rare or Fable universes"

WTF ?????!!!!!!!

add to that the language of the doc.

MAiKU3254d ago

Sega has never been good at keeping secrets... such as alot of their "secret projects" go uncovered before they announce because there's a leak in their FTP server.

Jamegohanssj53254d ago

OMG OMFG! When I saw Vice City my eyes were like those little kids who got the N64 for Christmas that time. I hope they're saying that it will be released on Blu Ray. Hell PSN or Blu Ray, I'm getting it again. The best game ever! I still play it on my PS3 to this date. In fact it's the most played game on my PS3.

Actually this just use this as an example of how I reacted.


Cajun Chicken3254d ago

I personally do want to pit Ratchet and Clank against Sonic in a race. I also think that that's suggestions differencing from the PS3 version.

vhero3254d ago

@wxer dont forget these are minutes they were probably mentioning ideas of characters and these got mentioned and noted there obviosuly not for the Sony PS3 version.

WenisWagon3254d ago

And they've said that the PS3 is only good for playing PS2 games, because of the pitiful library of PS3 games. Hopefully Sony will get it right with the PS4, if they can even afford to make it.

Noob3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

But that was until I seen the source of where all this information was coming from.


Is it an official Sega site? Seems like it to me.

Stealth edit: Seems like they took it down or something, but I was able to download it. It's from the Sega site posted above.

I'm starting to believe this is legit.

Syronicus3254d ago

Now the DC part I am excited about but I already have full BC i my 60 gig PS3. This is great news for those wishing to play some old titles.

wxer3254d ago

"because of the pitiful library of PS3 games."

yah "pitiful" because its full with AAA games
dumb ass

MAiKU3254d ago

That's exactly what i stated in my previous post. Yes that site is official, i think it's for press or something.

Somehow though, people manage to get really good secret information from it.

kingOVsticks3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue
OMG if i am able to play shenmue on my 42 inch samsung MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

ps. Im a big fan of shenmue :)

gaffyh3254d ago

Dreamcast titles on PS3?!?! That is something I joked about over a year ago, and it could be coming true!?

nix3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

this is for you... q:

just follow my instructions. ((:

Immortal Kaim3254d ago

What the...? Possibly the strangest, yet most exciting news I have read on this site in months. Imagine playing Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2 or Shenmue (amongst many others) in HD...

Please make this happen Sony/SEGA

Christopher3254d ago

Alpha Protocol

# Michael Foster, product evaluator, said AP felt barely RPG. Initial level too challenging for players. “Mass Effect felt more RPG.”
# Review notes sent to John Merlino a few weeks prior. After meeting Gerald mentioned AP is a high priority for his team.

Hey, take the time needed to get that game feeling like the RPG it should be guys!

rockleex3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

All the Dreamcast fans that supported the Xbox and 360, simply because they wanted someone to defeat Sony, will be very likely to switch over to the PS3!! O_O

Sony has been pulling combos on Microsoft left and right since E3!

y0haN3254d ago

This plan isn't "backwards compatibility" or emulation it's buying titles you already own again. Smooth.

whothedog3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

If they released Phantasy Star from Dreamcast and it was online, that would be pretty cool. That list is crazy though.

I like how they write confidential right next to it haha

dalibor3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Make it happen Sony & Sega. If Sony puts PS2 games on the Ps store that would rock. Add Shenmue 1 & 2 and finally create & release the 3rd one. If the Ps2 games sold for $12 on the Ps store that would be a good deal. I want Silent Hill 2 dammit!

njr3254d ago

I'm really happy for you SEGA, and I'm gonna let you finish, but the PS3 Slim was the best leak ever.

DaTruth3254d ago

I know this is not a Sega game, but they were discussing all titles for PS2, So I really want to play SotC. I saw the game on shelves way back, but did not know it was Ico 2. Ico was an incredible game with incredible graphics and incredible art direction. Thinking of how it felt when I was playing Ico, is like how I felt when I was playing Uncharted; Just staring all around in utter disbelief!

meepmoopmeep3254d ago

i want GoW CE remastered style releases of PS2 games

Godmars2903254d ago

The death of the Dramcast! At last, revenge is ours - REVENGE!!!

(Anyway, that's my theory...)

rockleex3254d ago

Including Dreamcast games. ^_^

dustgavin3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Sony is not the one that pulled out of the last console race because of the beating they received. Microsoft is known for bailing on their consoles. What makes you think they will not do the same for 360?

Poopface the 2nd3254d ago

at first I thought they were talking about emulating the dreamcast and ps2 using the disks I already have. That would be insane, but I doubt I will re-buy an DC games as I still have my DC. That would be cool for people who never had a DC or dont have one anymore. The only game id rebuy would be powerstone if you could play it online

If they had ps2 and DC emulation off the disk taht would be amazing, but I dont think that is what they meant as the DC used the GD-Rom. Not sure if it can be done, but it would be awesome.

rockleex3254d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Vice City
San Andreas

Trophy support

Much better than GTA:IV. ^_^

v1c1ous3253d ago

this is a genius move by sony.

remove BC on ps3s to make sure you are not competing against your own products.

sell specific titles on PSN for maximun profits.

also sell select dreamcast titles.

microsoft wtf are you doing? sony has picked up the ball and is running with it, DO SOMETHING TO AT LEAST MAKE 09 not an embarrasing fumble!

v1c1ous3253d ago

i know you all like to get excited over anything sony related, but chillax for a bit.'

these documents show talks of business going on. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED yet, and at most, not guaranteed to come as you think it will.

until it's announced at TGS or officially, even with sony's history of leaked info, don't pop your champagnes just yet.

JD_Shadow3253d ago

While you may have a point, remember who leaked this. I don't think they would just leak this if there wasn't something to this or if there wasn't at least SOME guarantee of it happening.

BLuKhaos3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

good for those that were unable to get the 60 gig.

v1c1ous3253d ago

some of this is coming along, but this is typical minutes of a meeting.

these things happen everyday.

also if you read the leak, you would notice that a lot of the info is "we'll do this if they get exclusivity for a certain time"

also, sega mentions adding Rare and Fable characters to sonic racing and AP avatars.

which i find hella weird...

indysurfn3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Now where talking! Sony is finally fighting back! Free online, and now BC with Sega games? Forget only doing PS2 games they are also doing a former competitors games! What's next? PS1 games? How about they do PC games, this way they beat Microsoft to it when Microsoft will do it with the next console.

Competition is great there is NO way people can spin this into a negative story (I hope).

Skys of Arcadia for the win!

Celeras3253d ago

I have a real problem with Ps2 games not being backwards compatible, but them selling them through the PSN. Its like they did it intentionally to nickle and dime you into buying the same title a second time.

Dreamcast games would be awesome though, I second the Shenmue chant.

v1c1ous3253d ago

you mean a game company purposely leaves out content/features to later charge you for them at a premium price?

welcome to the next gen! enjoy your horse armor, exclusive jrpgs, and limited BC!

zeeshan3253d ago

If half of this comes true, people at M$ will probably be sh!**ng themselves. Don't get me wrong, I own a 360 (arcade) but if Sony and Sega work together like this and if Sega gives Sony access to DC titles as well. Hmmm... that's just... what is the word that I am looking for here? Hmm... F****NG HUGEEE!!

pixelsword3253d ago

... a certain BBC show that was on the tele a few days back.

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Cajun Chicken3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Now, THIS is interesting...

EDIT: Check out this original post!

VERRRY exciting!


scruffy_bear3254d ago

Yes it is VERRRY exciting! :)

vhero3254d ago

so not only are we getting ps2 emulation we are getting exclusive dreamcast games? No doubt crazy taxi and sonic games are gonna be in their.

Ravage273254d ago

1.PS2 games re-released as PSN downloads

2."Motion Controller
Spring 2010 launch (March in JP)
No bundle/pricing details yet, should come Sept 1"

Another great HOME candidate
AVP avatars
Hybrid BD disc with movie"

Movie games bundled together with the actual movie in a single blu-ray disc? Brilliant idea,i'm surprised noone thought of that earlier.

UNCyrus3254d ago

they have thought of doing it for movie and game releases in the past, in fact, Wanted was supposed to be the first one to do it. Not sure what happened with that one though

callahan093254d ago

Watchmen: The End Is Night Complete for PS3 contains the full Watchmen Blu-Ray in addition to parts 1 & 2 of the game. Amazon actually has it right now for like 5 bucks more than the standalone Blu-Ray movie. I never bought the Blu-Ray, but I liked the movie, and the demo of the game was decent enough, so I've been thinking about buying the complete set.

mistajeff3254d ago

*screams like a little girl*

Seriously, this could be gamers' chance to prove how much we love Shenmue via sales and maybe we'll FINALLY get a finale. eeeee!

Sarcasm3254d ago

*screams like an overweight 35 year old bald man* (Aaron Greenberg)

WinterWolf3253d ago

I am just glad to hear that Sony is still working to bring PS2 games to the PS3.

Tsar4ever013253d ago

You said it man,

POWERSTONE series. Crazy Taxi 1&2, NFL Blitz 2000,02 and Ready to Rumble 1&2, House of the Dead 1&2, The original "Unreal Tournement"? com'on, whats NOt to get exicted about?

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sack person3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

CEA Meeting Aug 5th Notes

Objectives of Meeting
Dyer agreed to regular quarterly meetings with SOA

Sony PS3
SCEA reiterated plans to sell 13 million PS3s this year
Big announcement back half of year they can’t talk about (potentially price cut of PS3 to reach hardware goals)
SCEA commented on indexing between PS3 and 360 SKUs, should be around 2:1 to garner most favorable treatment.

Motion Controller
Spring 2010 launch (March in JP)
No bundle/pricing details yet, should come Sept 1
Plan on selling 4-5MM units WW
SCEA agreed to provide a list of Sega IP that would work well with the motion controller, Virtua Tennis was an example
Motion Controller support allows easy way to differentiate PS3 SKU
Other differentiation opportunities include PSP/PS3 interoperability – think of features that would make users want to buy both PS3 and PSP SKUs.

Alpha Protocol
Michael Foster, product evaluator, said AP felt barely RPG. Initial level too challenging for players. “Mass Effect felt more RPG.”
Review notes sent to John Merlino a few weeks prior. After meeting Gerald mentioned AP is a high priority for his team.

Planet 51
Sell in of PS3 SKU – SCEA noted that other movie titles on PS3 had underperformed as well (inc. Transformers) this cycle.
Dyer suggests contacting Susan at Walmart and asking what she wants in the pack to sell this SKU (movie tix etc)
Other possibilities are Hybrid movie disc (BD 25 or 50 with Game and Movie on same disc).

Collectors edition with Bayonetta Action Figure
Novo recommended launching PSN demo around Xmas based off a Jan 5th Ship date with 2-3 week run out to launch.
3-4 weeks is usually ideal demo timing with fresh content every week leading up to launch (trailers, insider video about PG heritage, video blogs).

Vancouver 2010
HOME, Olympic destination would garner a lot of positive attention from SCEA
Should be doing same with Bayonetta, Marvel etc. Easy to launch in all territories.
HOME merchandizing opportunities (clothes etc).

Sonic Racing
Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters
maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes

Could put Japanese games directly on PSN for download in a special Japanese Import section (pricing $9.99 to $39.99 for full game).
Might need to localize menus at least with subtitles.
SCEA interested in helping on MKTG side if they can have period of exclusivity.

Another great HOME candidate
AVP avatars
Hybrid BD disc with movie

Iron Man 2
Great candidate for HOME space – explore Tony Stark’s lab etc.
Should have one for Marvel in general.

Could do bundle at GameStop with PSP 30-35K units on UMD, Go, or both.

Valkyria 1937
Could bundle with PSP as well.

Vanquish and Aliens: CM
Opportunity for PS3/PSP interoperability (see Eidos Batman, Army of Two, Assassin’s Creed for good examples).
If we offer that SCEA would be really interested in having us at their booth next E3.

SCEA would like a look at the code soon.

Sonic Anniversary
Could put out collectors edition with all old sonic games on one BD disc.
“Best of Sonic” for around $99.
SCEA would love PSN exclusive power ups/different game modes (like Castlevania’s flip it over/backwards)

PS2 emulator for PS3 (confidential)
SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc)
For co Marketing money show PS3 controller on TV ads – similar to EA Madden Spots, NCAA, etc…

London Olympics
Perfect opportunity for Motion Controller integration.

DC Digital Titles
If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.
If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.

PSP Titles
For SKU differentiation it’s best to offer features that are slightly different from PS3 version.
Titles that are coming up on PSP are Assassin’s Creed II, GTA China Wars, Resident Evil, Little Big Planet – all massive franchises.
SCEA has a specific PSP deck which they can send up with their hardware director for a chat.

Tr10wn3254d ago

Hmmm nice i would show you the list of microsoft but they don't pay me for doing that so

Etseix3253d ago

it only emules everything*

u just have spoken the very truth my friend ;] bubbles

digger183254d ago

Sorry but why do we need BC for PS2 games. I've got a BC 60gig PS3 and have never played PS2 games on it, I have a PS2 for that.

bunfighterii3254d ago

true that but it could prove a boon for PSN. I doubt they'd release ALL PS2 games considering the amount of shovelware on the console, maybe just platinum and cult classics.

For example, I'd play Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on it, cos i never had them on ps2, and my ps2 sits at my beach house 2 hours away now for rainy days.

lokiroo4203254d ago

Why do we need BC, uh, hmm, people have ps2 games.

vudu3254d ago

my phat died so it's nice to have that feature. That's why we (at least me) need that feature.

levy3254d ago

I think he means that if people indeed have ps2 games, which a lot of people have. They most probably have a ps2 as well. Then there is of course people who sold their ps2 or it broke on them that need the BC. But for me it feels kinda strange to sell the ps2 and keep the games, even if I knew the PS3 had BC.

mistajeff3254d ago

I have an 80gb with emulation-based BC, so any kind of quality update to the PS2 emulator is fantastic news for me. I can play 90% of PS2 games, but I have Black and Jak and Daxter and they both glitch out too much to play with the current emulator. My first Jak and Daxter game is #3 and I have no clue what's going on, I'd love to start from the beginning and not drop $100 on a new PS2 (my last one broke, though it happened to work the one time they tested it for a trade-in at gamestop! mooooaaahahahahahaha)

DaTruth3254d ago

I've only played GoW2 on my PS3! I also gave my stepson my PS2, so sometimes we play his games on the big screen(scaled 1080p). My nephew also plays PS2 games on my PS3 and once in awhile, I like to blow the dust off a few games and give them a go again(Oni a few times).

But most of all, I want to play some PS2 games I missed last gen that are gone. Nobody trades in the really good games. Although I hated it the first time I played it, MGS4 has made me more open to MGS3 and I never finished it(my chip stopped functioning for bootlegs).

mfwahwah3253d ago

Because the gaming world revolves around you and your gaming habits? Gtfo that's stooping to a bad level of stoopid.

My PS2 got stolen. I couldn't afford a PS3 with BC.

I know 7 people in similar situations. I don't extrapolate that assuming that my small, biased source is anywhere near statistically sound.

The Great Melon3253d ago

Well, I have a 60 Gb Ps3 and use the backwards compatibility frequently. The convenience of of being able to play every PlayStation makes it the console I take to the dorm.

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Jeff2573254d ago

This could be pretty big if they release some software. Especially if it makes them all BC enabled. Howver ever since my 60 went down Ive been using my PS2 for those games and have had to share my wife's 80gb PS3 with her when i want to game. Whether this is true or not Ill probably be buying a slim in Nov when i get some extra money instead of getting my 60 fixed right now.