Should the PSP stay or Go

Critical Gamer Writes: Sony are courting a lot of controversy with their new console PSP Go. This is mainly due to the fact it's a download only device, with no UMD drive as per the older PSP models. The price of £250 is also causing a stir, with the PSP 3000 retailing for £100 less than the new model. Retailers are up in arms as well, because they'll only make money from the sale of the console, with no added games sales at launch or in the future. So where does this leave this brave new venture from Sony and what are the implications for the future?

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FiftyFourPointTwo3132d ago

It should stay. It's the flamebox that needs to go.

sack person3132d ago


PandemicPrawn03132d ago

Sony should be able to stick it out with the PSP.

From what I've seen its a good little system.

Sony and MS are both pushing forward with DD, I would like to see them continue with it.

morganfell3132d ago

I want to pick up as PSP Go. There are some features on the system that I wouls like. However, Sony has yet to announce how they are going to handle customers with UMDs on their current system so until that is in place I will be in a holding pattern. Of course if Kojima announces that Peacewalker supports the DS3 then I don't have a choice :)

Madusha3132d ago

The go is a lot better. As morgan said, hope old PSP owners aren't left in the dust. We all know sony won't do that...

andron6663132d ago

But I don't think it will matter much. The PSP GO will appeal to many who don't want to carry UMDs with them.

Even if some shops won't sell it, it won't be difficult to get hold of one if you really want one.

And the price will go down after a while, this is only the beginning for the PSP Go...

edgeofblade3132d ago

By all means, the PSPGo is a great idea. It's just horribly priced.

You price what the market will bear, but that doesn't mean you OVERprice it.

rockleex3132d ago

By selling PSN cards.

Wait, do they make money by selling PSN cards? O_o

Chrisny853132d ago

this thing hasn't even come out yet, and im waiting for a price drop.

ABizzel13131d ago

Sony needs to do an overall refresh on the PSP. The PSP Go is a good idea, and start, but they need to be lower the price not increasing it. A 16GB PSP Go should launch with a bundle consisting of a voucher for a game and a movie from the video store for $250 and they should sell the Go on it's own for $200. The current PSP 3000 bundle should get a price cut down to $150. Boom that will increase demand.

Next. It's probably safe to say that MOST people who own a PSP have a library of 10 games or less. Which brings me to my first point. Since dev kits prices for the PSP have been dropped 80% then PSP games should only cost $20 for new games, no more than $30. It's hard to purchase a PSP game when for 20 more you can get the console version which 9 times out of 10 is going to be the more enjoyable experience. Stop trying to make full console experiences for the PSP and give us bit sized chunks of game play I think LBP is a good game for the PSP. So drop the price of games at least $10 and make them more pick and play, and add more game sharing and Boom that will increase demand.

PSP Minis are also a good start to lowering game prices. Being able to download bit sized games for only $1 (these should be no more than $10 ever) will improve the amount of content the PSP has, however, there needs to be a rating system for these games to highlight the actual good games. This won't increase demand, but will make users happy who will share they happiness with others which could likely increase demand.

Market the PSP better. The PSP is the most powerful handheld gaming device (since the iphone hasn't proven it yet), therefore market it as such. Make a PSP commercial saying "PSP it only does everything", because it does. Let people know you can play games, listen to music, watch movies and videos (blu ray), use SKYPE, Internet radio, look at pictures (PSP GO should have had the camera built in), Use Internet (may not be the best internet device but it works), download content from the PS Store, and more. Inform people on the PSP like you're starting to do with the PS3. Knowing is power, and knowing will increase demand.

Finally the PSP has a decent library of games if you look through it. But it can always use more. That's why the PSP would be the perfect platform to test new IP's and games out. Look at Loco Roco and Patapon. Make new IP's on the PSP and if their worthy make console adaptations. Also it would be nice to be able to play PSN games on the PSP as well instead of having to buy a PSP version of a PSN game. PSN games would add a lot more playability to the PSP, and ensure that your handheld is in use more than the competitions. Which would increase demand.

There you go 5 ways to give the PSP a complete refresh.

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skatezero2463132d ago

the name says it all (it's a go)

Keith Olbermann3132d ago

and ipods dont support physical media.

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