Teletext GameCentral Halo 3: ODST Review

Roger Hargreaves writes "We doubt the inevitably high sales are going to give Microsoft too much pause for regret, but we suspect Bungie will eventually wish they'd kept this as a semi-budget priced expansion pack."

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FiftyFourPointTwo3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

AAA! /s

xg-ei8ht3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

They got that spot on.

I'll tell you this, any 360 guy that buys this game, will play the sp and release that it's only 4-5 hours, play some MP and remember it's the same as halo3.

I see alot of them on Ebay very early.

Pistolero3224d ago

Meh...have the game now.. so I couldn't care less what these small time sites think about the game.

GamerPS3603224d ago

small times or big times as long as you like it and million others to play online.

Jim Crikey3224d ago

GameCentral are paid journalists with well in excess of a million readers, notorious for being independent, unbiased, and unswayed by hype when it comes to games for ALL formats.

You on the other hand, are clearly one lonely Xbox 360 fanboy, who would rather cut off your own genitals than hold a PS3 joypad.

Whose opinion should I trust regarding an Xbox 360 exclusive game? Oooh, I just can't decide. Somebody help me please...

Pistolero3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

They might have a fairly decent readership, but I have honestly never heard of them, so to me they are small time....certainly nobody can argue that they are on the same level as IGN, GameInformer, etc.

The simple fact is...I am familiar with certain sites and I feel I can trust their reviews because they have never led me astray in the past. When you have a history of reading certain sites and seeing their reviews match your personal taste in games then of course you are going to put more stock into what they say than some site you have never heard of. However, the bigger point was...I have the game now and can play it for myself so I really don't care too much about ANY review at this point. assume too much...I own a 360 and a PS3 and enjoy playing games on both consoles.

Syronicus3224d ago

Sir, you owe me a new keyboard. Now that I have spit coffee all over mine due to the hilarity of your comment. lol

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They always tell it how they see it - even if it ruffles feathers in the process : see also EDGE

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The story is too old to be commented.