World's first ray-traced PC game and movie to arrive in 2012

AMD kicked into high gear with its Fusion Rendering Cloud. A team lead by Jules Urbach, CEO of both OTOY and Lightstage is working hard on making a reality into a computer game and vice versa. During the ATI Evergreen briefing held on USS Hornet, Jules Urbach showed a 10 second clip from an upcoming manga movie, currently in development by Big Lazy Robot and a Japanese developer.

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Kakkoii3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Dammit, sent for approval just before I was about too XD.

Here's a video of the new Ruby in action rendered in real-time in LightStage using ray-tracing in front of an audience.

dp2774073196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Yea I just happened to run across it and was like hmmm i bet someones already submitted this but nope...

Kakkoii3196d ago

Yeah I know eh. If you showed that to a random person, they would think it's some photoshoot of a real person.

Check out the original size photo:

You can even see the tiny hairs on her cheek.

deadpoole3195d ago

Ray Tracing tech should be implemented in next gen consoles cuz seriously speakin games of this gen are already lookin outdated.

Sheikh Yerbouti3195d ago

Really impressive. The future of PC Gaming graphics looks awfully sexy.

I may have to give up being console exclusive. Wow.

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Nihilism3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

ray tracing is sweet and all but man i'll be pissed when i have a card in a few years time like a gtx480 and i'm thinking that all games are beat, including crysis 3 ( or whatever is out at the time) and then the first ray traced game comes out....and my graphics card dies.....there will be much shouting of MENDOZAAAA!!!

but of course the graphics revolution must go on if we are to maintain a semi-believable gaming psychosis

colossi163196d ago

That does look impressive, but I think developers in this generation have more than they can handle at this stage in graphics technology.

Kakkoii3196d ago

Hardly. Most developers wish for more power so that their dreams can be fully envisioned without compromises here and there.

zagibu3196d ago

"real-time" is missing in the title.

dp2774073196d ago

Yea I didnt add or take anything so its original sources fault or whatever.

Krud3191d ago

Wow, that is a serious omission, because I read that and thought, "Seriously? They think this is the first ray-traced game?" Because nearly all "3D" games prior to Hardware T&L graphics cards used pre-rendered ray-trace images, including the original "MYST." But yeah, real-time tray-tracing, that's pretty cool!

Pandamobile3195d ago

Haha, it looks like Dog from Half-Life 2.

(Oh god, imagine if that's what Half-Life 3 looked like. It should be coming about around 2012, or 2013)


STONEY43195d ago

I don't like her animation, but everything else about that looked CG, which is amazing it was running in real-time.

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