Why Uncharted 2 Will Sell Better (And Faster) Than Uncharted

Split-Screen: "This isn't 2006. This isn't the launch of the Playstation 3. Blu-ray is no longer under intense scrutiny against HD-DVD. Sony has fulfilled demands for a lower price and a more compact design – and it's paying in spades, with hardware sales experiencing thousand-fold percentage increases. It's also directly bundling Uncharted 2 with some PS3 Slims to have the former benefit from the latter's sales. Playstation Network is no longer just a concept; it's host to millions of gamers each day. Naughty Dog isn't out to prove something this time, nor are they trying to establish a franchise. They're out to impress, innovate, improve and push even further on their beginning stellar effort..."

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saint_john_paul_ii3248d ago

i hope this game becomes a 5+million seller, ND and This Franchise Deserve it.

Syronicus3248d ago

This is what makes both Sony and their first party studios so great. They are not bothering to chase after the competition, they are chasing the stars. And in doing so, we the consumer reap the benefits of their hard labor.

Lifendz3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

anything is possible. KZ2 was done a disservice as was the first Uncharted. However, Sony has been advertising the PS3 slim and the new price point more aggressively than I've seen them advertise anything this gen. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? I hope so. Big sellers encourage more devs to follow suit with quality games like the aforementioned titles.

Sitdown3247d ago

You do realize the statement you quoted is a big contradiction...and you help it to be even more of a contradiction.

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u got owned3248d ago

This is the best franchise the PS3 has to offer right now, this game should hit the 5 million mark with no problem.

The Great Melon3248d ago

No doubt about that. Just got my first platinum trophy after playing through that game 4 times a few days ago. I may know the storyline, but it never gets old. There is no doubt in my mind that the second game will pull me in just as in the first. Been a huge fan of Naughty Dog over the years and that is not about to change anytime soon. There work always shimmers in quality.

DAVID BRENT3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

this is ONE of the best franchises on the ps3 not the 'best ps3 has to offer right now'

we have ratchet & clank, starhawk, god of war,gran turismo,resistance,motorstorm, killzone,singstar,buzz, wipeout of corse uncharted ALL AMAZING FRANCHISES, and new franchises like LBP, infamous which have established themselves and gamers are looking forward to the sequels plus new IPs like heavy rain, modnation racers,the last guardian etc

The Great Melon3248d ago

I guess it is a little subjective to say that it is the best, but for me Uncharted is the game that comes to my mind when I think of the ps3.

AliTheBrit3248d ago

And yet Halo 3 ODST will out-sell Uncharted 2


Although I'm only getting Uncharted 2, and we both know its the much better game.

But since sales is all that matters to Sony and Microsoft, Microsoft will beat Sony.

AXOi3248d ago

Hope it sells 5 billion-trillion-mega-thousand s of copies day one

xabmol3248d ago

If sales were actually based on quality...

Boody-Bandit3247d ago

But I thought sales = quality?
Come on now you know that Wii Fit is the best game this entire generation. Don't try and deny it!

Yeah I know but this media driven generation of gamers has taken a severe 180. I remember a time when we use to read gaming magazines as a source of information and not ammunition. Today all the media does is use sex and negativity for hits which = more advertising dollars.

Really sad turn of events.
*climbs off soap box and walks away*

Oh incase you don't realize?
I agree with you ;)

bjornbear3247d ago

Quality in the gaming industry isn't synonym to sales anymore...which is a shame, because it shows the saturation of the markets taste for quality...

If it weren't for companies like ND and Sony, we'd be sitting in a pile of alien zapping marine games (no specific games in mind....) and silly motion controlled mini games...

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theEnemy3248d ago

I doubt that.

But GotY, no doubt!.

wxer3248d ago

the first uncharted sold 2.5 million
with no hype
no adds
no multiplayer
and it was a brand new game that no one knew anything about

so i think this games well do alot more better

The Great Melon3248d ago

It may not get it it right away, but I bet by the end of the ps3's life it will have sold 5 million. The second one will also cause an increased interest in the first also when it comes out probably.

theEnemy3248d ago

The first one is still selling. Plus the bundles from the 160GB version.

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