New FFXII International info: English voices included, possible English subs

New details of Final Fantasy XII International have appeared:

· The game will have English voices. English subtitles are also rumored.

· 16:9 mode is available.

· Available jobs of the 'big addition': White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Time Mage, Knight, Monk, Breaker, Shikaree, Uhlan, Samurai, Engineer and Archer.

· Shikaree uses light armor and daggers, Uhlan uses spears, Samurai uses katanas, Breaker uses hammers, Time Mage can apparently use crossbows and Monk has the barehanded augments in addition to licenses for wooden poles.

· It was impossible to change jobs once they were chosen in the demo. According to rumors this is not final.

· The game can be sped up by pressing L1. Supposedly, this works like the fast forward mode in Chrono Cross. Comments have said that it can be too fast for normal play, but it's wonderful for some of the longer sequences like summoning or performing mist knacks.

· Guests and summons can now be controlled manually, and you are also able to modify summons' gambits.

· Treasures on the field have been moved around, and rare items are now easier to obtain.

· Cure is now AoE, like Cura and Curada. This change is likely due to the fact that you will only have one person who is capable of using white magic. Curaga is probably going to be changed, too.

· There's a new water magic spell called Aqua.

· "Trial" mode has been added, in which you can fight against mobs, summons, rare monsters, etc.

· Some new gambits were added, such as "enemy has item" and "facing two or more enemies" (there are also three and four enemy variations of this gambit)

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sumfood4u4233d ago

I wanted to fight the secrets bosses in FFX but it's only in international, it seem they get all kind of extra bonuses than us americans get lol! kinda sad, that's all I'm saying!