The Naughty Dogs are Advertising their Killer App across the States

Gamesthirst writes: If you haven't heard about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, then you must'v been living underneath a rock in Alaska, because since E3, U2 has been the talk of the gaming media. But just in case you do live underneath a rock in Alaska, uh, maybe not Alaska, let's say anywhere on the mainland, albeit underneath a rock, fear not, the Naughty Dogs are on their way to enlighten you.

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clixx332978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Hell yeah baby! Just like those beastly Infamous trucks, now the U.S. gets something! :) God, ND is just going all out, huh?

WildArmed2978d ago

They should. They went all out on the game, they deserve every bit of praise.

Now... head that truck over to Illinois so i can get some of that action!

villevalorox2978d ago

Ye send it to IL so I can get some lovin' too :D.. I really can not wait for this game, it deserves everything it gets and more >.< CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Xulap2978d ago

"ND is just going all out".

But what really needs to "go out" is the game itself!
Gimme GIMME GIMME! October 13th can't come soon enough.

I didn't want to enter the beta to experience the real thing on October 13th. Haven't even watched any videos, or pictures for the last months. I didn't give in to the hype... So I expect the game to blow my mind away.

rockleex2978d ago

Minnesota please. ^_^

By the way, October 13th is my birthday... surprise me? :P

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i_zamorak_i2978d ago

truck stop here plzzzzz!!!

cooldude1232978d ago

advertising is very essential in this day and age, I say the more they can advertise, the better this extremely promising game will do.

niceboy2978d ago

Need I say more? I thought so.

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The story is too old to be commented.