Xbox 360 Owners Not into HDMI, still play games using AV output

Gamesthirst writes: While the HD revolution is in full swing, Xbox 360 owners could care less. If Aaron Greenberg is to be taken at his word, then Xbox 360 gamers haven't being enjoying high quality video output as make believe. Here's what he said:

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wxer3221d ago

bu bu but
the 360 got teh berretz versionz of teh multi plats

thats dosnt matter if you dont have an HDTV

KionicWarlord2223221d ago

Ms should have kept it in . But it wasn't being used...


sack person3221d ago


cyborg69713221d ago

How sad is that. No DVD's upscaled or anything. Weak.

dustgavin3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

No wonder 360 fans cannot tell the difference!

Mr Marbles3221d ago

Your still going to want to have the 360 version even if you don't have an HDTV, simply because the better looking version will still look better in SD as well as HD.

So who dropped you on your head, Mom, or dad?

TheBlackSmoke3221d ago

The Point is ps3 owners can afford a HDTV. Play beyond jackass.

RedDragan3221d ago

I am actually suprised by that. HDTVs are quite cheap these days and the improvement over SD is amazing.

As for the comment about PS3 owners not affording a HDTV? Please, that is so immature. This console war is getting old, even some of the hardcore fanboys are now saying they are getting bored of the arguments.

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wxer3221d ago

80% of them are kids that dont own an HDTV

kaveti66163221d ago

Slowly you have crawled out of the open zone, and now you are making childish comments and blanket generalizations about a range of people you don't know, and the only experience you have had with them has been on the internet, mainly this site where the ugly extremes tend to gather around.

marcus j3221d ago

owned a 32" 720p panasonic viera and ps3 since i was 13.

lokiroo4203221d ago

You "owned" that did you marcus? lmao

TheBlackSmoke3221d ago

Most of them play in SD yet are always boasting about "SUPERIOR" multiplatform games.

Mr Marbles3221d ago

you spend all day on N4G acting like some kinda Jahovas witness for a game console, doesn't mean that everyone does. Most 360 gamers are probably casual gamers who don't know or care what PS3 games look like in comparison to their 360 counterparts. They got 360s because all there friends have them and XBL is "cool", so take that crap to the other zone.

TheBlackSmoke3221d ago

First off i dont hang around on n4g all day, check my comment history and you will see that. Secondly your ignored by 109 users....maybe you should escort your own ass to the open zone me thinks.

You need to stop living in denial, how old do you think the majority of the 360 demographic are? the 360 trolls on n4g and any other forum are mostly teens. Think about it, why would you have so much hatred towards a superior product? the answer is simple, because you cant afford it. How do i know 360 is rampant with halo 3 for about 5 mins and you have your answer.

Lol ignored by 109 users...gtfo

lsujester3221d ago

I had my 360 for about a year before I bought my HDTV. Not that I didn't want it, just I couldn't afford it. I imagine there are many people out there who have to scrounge and save just the get the console, much less a thousand dollar TV.

Mr Marbles3221d ago

so you don't spend all day on N4G with this account, but what about your other accounts?

Thanks for noticing my ignore count, Im pretty proud of it, Hope to get to 200 before 2010.

And you still think PS3 is the superior console, have you been to lens of truth lately? and I'm the one living in denial you say?

TheBlackSmoke3221d ago

You mean have i stared at a zoomed in screenshot to spot a jaggy that will never effect the intended experience? I have two words for you.... Uncharted 2.

Nice to see you cant refute my argument so you have to use the 2007 argument of superior multiplats. Whats next? "teh playstation haz no gamez" ?

Sorry to burst your bubble but i dont need to alt account to remain relevant. Maybe if you debated with me using facts rather than stating your opinion as a fact you would have more bubbles.

Sarcasm3221d ago

"Secondly your ignored by 109 users"

Make that 110. I just ignored him haha

morganfell3221d ago

What we are seeing is Microsoft evolving their marketing. It is now patently clear the 360 cannot maintain pace with the PS3 when it comes to providing a visual powerhouse experience. Maintain pace? Who are we kidding, they are not even running in the same lap.

Just as MS dropped the 720p requirement, so they have begun to state they are not interested in a race they know they cannot win.

"Ahhh, phooey. Those grapes are probably sour!"

I think this is a bad move by MS. If there is one thing that should be obvious it is that casual games have begun to take something of nosedive in terms of popularity. Economics advisers are beginning to point to an upswing in the economy though it will take 2-3 months before consumer feelings begin to reflect this. This is important because hesitant members of the buying public will feel more at ease making high end purchases again. This combined with lowered PS3 prices are going to assist matters such as HDTV, home theater, and Bluray sales.

But then again, the 360 can't compete with the PS3 in that department so it may be they are merely stating the only avenue available to them is the one they would have chosen anyway.

pixelsword3221d ago

It could also explain why people were complaining about the Unreal Engine's "plastic" look.

I (finally) played games on my upgraded TV, and when Playing UTIII the metal textures really pop-out compared to playing it on SDTV. Gears will be the same way; and when I played Resistance 2 again, Oh, my goodness... that game looks gorgeous.

HolyOrangeCows3221d ago

Of course, once MS stops including HDMI cables, suddenly no one uses them.

blackmagic3221d ago

The AV cables shipped with the 360 are component cables. Although HDMI is the preferred connection today, compononet cables are capable of carrying a signal right up to 1080p and offer the advantage of being compatible with virtually every television sold in the last decade.

Nineball21123221d ago

You know... although it's not much, that $50 a year for Xbox live could be going towards a HDTV purchase...

In all seriousness, there really is a world of difference between SDTV and HDTV. I really suggest everyone move up if they can.

Kleptic3221d ago

it could also simply be that 360 can not do anything that actually requires HDMI in the first place...afterall, even HDMI equipped 360's are not 1.3...HDMI 1.2 is simply an 'easier' way to get component like clarity...

1.3 on the other hand can do all kinds of crazy stuff with sound and picture...super white, x.v. color, deeper saturation for those with 10 bit display panels...etc...the 360 cannot take advantage of any of these effects because none of them can be implemented via DVD...its all related to blu ray...

with that said...most of the 1.3 stuff (aside from uncompressed audio) that the PS3 can output is related to movies, particularly bd movies...the 360 doesn't have a blu ray drive, and therefor has no real reason for HDMI at you can still upscale DVD's over HDMI...1.3 though doesn't have a particularly big advantage when it comes to gaming though...

jonnyp7773220d ago

Let's just leave the Jehovah's Witnesses out of this, please. Thank you.

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Anon19743221d ago

I've never been able to get 1080p output on component cables with my 360, and Microsoft support was never able to figure it out.

However, I never really felt I was missing out. It's not like there's much in 1080p on the 360 anyway, and I never bothered with the HD-DVD player.

KionicWarlord2223221d ago

Guess Ms took it out because it cost $50 .

Wanted to keep that price at the $299.99 level without losing money on something .

But im surprise you could not use the xbox 360 hdmi on your tv .

Works fine for me .


Lich1203221d ago

The article seems odd, since 720p is still HD output. So I am one of those who has HD but I don't use HDMI. It seems kinda of misleading, because theres no way in hell i'd be stuck in standard rez, but if I was asked whether or not I used the HDMI I would have to say I do not.

Sarcasm3221d ago

You sure you set it up right? I got 1080p output via component for 360 games. It's the HD-DVDs that only output in 1080i. Although I'm using an HDMI now, but before I always used component.

UNCyrus3221d ago

Great... You THINK it's 1080p, but the truth is that nothing is running native 1080p out of that console, it's all being upscaled

Anon19743221d ago

I've got multiple HD inputs running into my system and my 360 is the only one that can't seem to do 1080p. I've spent some time on the phone with Microsoft and they couldn't figure it out either. Microsoft and I have also never been able to figure out how to network my PC in with my 360 either, which makes me think it might be the console itself. I used to have it networked fine, but that system died on me and the replacement system was never able to connect. The support guys were never able to figure out either problem, but ultimately it was no big deal. It still plays games fine and that's the main thing.

blackmagic3221d ago

It's probably your TV. The television needs to have an analogue tuner that is capable of accepting an analogue 1080p signal. An analogue tuner capable of accepting 1080p adds cost to the TV and only a smaller percentage of people use it anymore so it is becoming a rare feature.

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RememberThe3573221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Gaming in HD really is a huge upgrade, even on my little ass tv.

SnuggleBandit3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

ya i have a 26 inch sharp lcd small but has a great picture. And being a college kid, i feel lucky to have any type of hdtv however small it may be!

Aclay3221d ago


Yeah, I've been there too man. I started out with a 23" Samsung HDTV with my PS3 about 2 years ago, but to me a Small HDTV was better than No HDTV at all and I still feel that way! I didn't get my 40" Samsung until this Summer, but now that I'm back at college,I'm stuck with my 23" again until Fall Break :(

Hopefully the prices of the bigger screen HDTV's drop in price a lot more in the near future, because I want as many people as possible to experience HD Gaming to it's fullest.

Sarcasm3221d ago

You guys are right, I used to have a 32" Vizio that I thought looked amazing. Then I went through 6 other HDTVs and finally settled on my 46" LN46A750. Been happy with it since.

You guys need to get a 46" or bigger and play games like MGS4 or Uncharted. It takes "Cinematic" to a new level. Then save up for something that's better than a big HDTV, a 7.1 DTS-HD MA receiver. I swear, it's one of the most overlooked aspects of gaming today. COD4, Uncharted or most recent games are 7.1 and you can hear every sound. Stuff that you wouldn't normally hear.

SnuggleBandit3221d ago

well ya i've played uncharted and killzone 2 on a 53 inch tv with full bose surround sound(parents have the best set up ever). haha and ya it was effin amazing...killzone 2's sound is absolutely incredible!

Kleptic3221d ago

I was playing my PS3 (most of the time) on a 36" Sony Wega CRT far as SD televisions went, it was easily one of the best (fawker was like $3800 back in 1999, luckily I didn't buy it then)...and the picture over component from my PS3 was easily acceptable...mostly because it had a 16x9 option that you could 'lock' the tv the games looked scaled properly (any HD game scaled into 4:3 looks terrible), just much softer than a true HD picture...but I didn't even have problems with text like many people do with SD stuff...some games looked terrible (R2 did not scale well), but some still looked great...

finally upgraded to a Sony Z series 46" 120hz last spring...and yeah, its unbelievable now...

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pixelsword3221d ago

...I don't think English is the guy's first language.

Or second.