AION Online Now Live But 3 Hour Wait Times & 2,500 in Que Per Server

The AION Online: Tower of Eternity MMORPG is now live. NCSoft only has 18 servers with 400,000 pre-orders and a 2,000 active player cap per server. So it is no surprise that the average wait time per server is 3 hours and there are over 2,500 in the que ahead of you.

Check out the server status, watch the launch trailer, and get more up to date information.

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GamerPS3603252d ago

that trailer looks freaking awesome.

onlinemmo3251d ago

Yes it is.

@Bobby Kotex

It's one of those words that needs new spelling. What a waste adding all those extra silent ue's

Nihilism3252d ago

ahahaha, enjoy your game fools, just be sure not to joke about gold farming, lest kim jong's cronies ban you,

I dare someone to joke about how much better north korea is than south and see if they will ban you

keabrown793252d ago

I'm probably on one of the busiest servers on the east coast and the wait time is only like 18 min which isn't bad... people seem to forget that when WoW launched the wait times where just as long and in some cases even longer... So sounds like WoW fanboy bashing yet another MMO that isn't their all mighty loved WoW

Midgard2283252d ago

it says 3 hours but it drops drastically, 2nd its just people being picky all choosing same server, im happy on my server :) games awesome me and gf enjoying it

majanika3252d ago

I'm thinking most ppl expected some sort of que with the launch of a new MMO. That being said only the very highly populated servers seem to be having this issue. The only que I heard about or experienced on our server was one for about an hour when my daughter tried to log in on the first day.

Like other MMO's I think we will see que lines to clean up a bit with server population checks and balances. NCsoft is doing a great job on this launch.

For the record, I play on Anvilmar in WoW and we have ques every holiday season (since blizzard loves to make Anvilmar the default suggested server for new players)that are over an hour, ques aren't new.

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