Halo 3: ODST, and another broken embargo

Icrontic takes a look at the recently developing scandal of the broken Halo 3: ODST embargo by the website Go Gaming Giant.

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Fullish3169d ago

Microsoft seems to be taking it very seriously...

UltimaEnder3169d ago

This is exactly what Microsoft should have done, why should they cater to a site that isn't following the rules, whether they did it on purpose or not you can't tell me they didn't wonder why none of the major sites had posted their reviews - it's not like MS came and spanked them, they just said they will not support their site anymore, which is EXACTLY what should have happened - well done Msft, well done!

Rock Bottom3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Current me if I'm wrong, but don't review embargo applies to review copies only? You give them the review copy before it hits stores and ask them not to review it until a certain date, you can't stop anyone from reviewing any game once it hits stores, it falls under freedom of speech, G3 bought the game legally, if anyone at fault here it's the store which sold them the game.

vhero3169d ago

I don't believe this for 1 minute I believe he got permission to release this early thanks to MS knowing they were gonna get some bad reviews. So they wanted to get out the good ones first.

chrisWhite3169d ago

vhero, that seems like a plausible situation and not one without some precedent but if that were true why would Microsoft have chosen this site to work with? I mean no disrespect to G3, but there are larger game sites that would probably be happy to do what you suggest.

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Clumzyagent3169d ago

Its really a story that sucks for everyone involved. Reviews get pulled, embargoes broken, banned from events. MS should have been a little more lenient with their punishment, but then again it could have been much worse.

Go Gaming Giant3169d ago

I just don't get why we had to pull it, we were never made aware of an embargo, I don't see why they were so adamant that we pull it. In the end we pulled it out of respect but I don't think we should have had to pull it

Blaze9293169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

sooooooooo how did you get a copy of the game? Were you ever able to show them the receipt if you were able to buy it early? If you did not physically get the game from Microsoft, you are under no contract and that embargo they set up you are not obligated to follow it.

However, if you got an illegal copy of the copy, then there are consequences.

But anyway did you ever show them the receipt? Once you do that you can literally tell them to shove it and stfu.

Go Gaming Giant3169d ago

yes I did show them the receipt and proof that the game was real and legit

Christopher3169d ago

I think Microsoft is more in the wrong in this case. Especially after G3 provided legitimate and legal proof of obtaining the full game, not a review copy.

I can understand their initial response, but once it was proven that a) they were working to take it down and b) they did not illegally obtain the game, they should have backed off and instead of trying to make an example of a fairly innocent site, worked with them to put out a message about the importance of the embargo--with which I personally disagree--and a warning to other sites that fail to work with Microsoft in this manner will be blacklisted as necessary.

commodore643169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Well, Matt, GGG et al...

It seems there are some inconsistent patterns in your reported behaviour.

You seem to have had NO trouble in:

- attaining the game early
- Hurriedly writing a review piece ASAP before anyone else
- Hurriedly publishing said article ASAP before anyone else
- Hurriedly getting the article linked to N4g for hits, before anyone else.

Ironically, when it came to honouring the request of MS to pull the article, there seemed to be on your behalf, a distinct lack of the 'hurried zeal' which was evident earlier.

It's strange to think that you could have the entrepreneurial nouse to get the game early AND review it early AND publish it early AND post it to n4g early, yet remain curiously unaware that there was an embargo?
Care to explain?

In truth, you did whatever you could to get hits for as long as possible, coat-tailing on the industry's hunger for ODST news.

In all fairness, you got what you deserved.
I just feel sorry for the people that you work with, that had nothing to do with this, that were hurt by your lack of integrity.

Sarcasm3169d ago

"we were never made aware of an embargo,"

Why are you acting so innocent? The people in the comments TOLD YOU. Embargo! Yet you're just like "HAHA what embargo?"

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TheHip143169d ago

oh my when will it end lol

KionicWarlord2223169d ago





Go Gaming Giant3169d ago

an embargo we never knew about

lokiroo4203169d ago

If you didnt know then what the f are you doing publishing reviews, isnt it your job to know?

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