OXCGN Unboxes Halo: ODST Collectors Pack

OXCGN has posted a detailed unboxing of Halo:ODST's Collectors Pack.

"Today is a special day for the majority of 360 gamers… today once again is Halo day. The day when some people stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to play their game first or for some of us more 'sane' people (like me) who wake up at around 9am… they might make it down to the store sometime during the daytime to pick their shiny new copy of Halo: ODST..."

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Godem3168d ago

I know im loving my CE Controller :D

captain-obvious3167d ago

the controller in that Collectors Edition is green

Boody-Bandit3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Yeah that seems a little off to me as well. I would think it would be black and blue with maybe silver or white for the fine lines/detail. All the advertising I see for ODST is black and blue. IMO this doesn't match.

edgeofblade3167d ago

Eh... I'm thinking about getting the standard edition at the store today and picking up Katamari Forever for my wife. I really don't need another controller.

XboxOZ3603168d ago

Personally I'm a tad disappointed in MS with ODST's Collectors Edition. Yet on the other hand, it is a great investment if you're after a second controller as well as the game for co-op.

For both a wireless controller and a AAA Game, $AU129 is a fair asking point, especially considering the games normal RRP is $AU100, you're getting the controller for just $AU29 bucks.

I would have thought an extra artbook, figurine and say a History Of Halo Series booklet would have rounded out a "special Collectors Edition.

But hey, that's coming from a collectors point of view, not an ardent Halo nut . .

REALgamer3168d ago

I loved the Making-Of DVD that came with Halo 2 and 3.

Shame they didn't do it again. =( But pretty awesome value if you need another controller though!

Immortal Kaim3168d ago

Cool, playing ODST now, enjoying it so far.

Godem3167d ago

just beat it then... great game although quite short

candidgamer3168d ago

ODST - ready to drop, SIR!

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