Gran Turismo PSP Offers Custom Soundtrack Option

JPS Reports: "The ability to play your own personal music while playing a game is always a plus and since a few games only supports this feature on the PSP, Gran Turismo PSP that is due to come out on October 1st will be another game that will introduce this feature..."

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butterfinger3248d ago

that's a nice surprise. I love being able to play racing games (especially) with my own music. :)

MattyF3248d ago

You need to clear some driving challenges before the option is open to you, though.

wxer3248d ago

old news
this game ang GT5
are getting it

rockleex3247d ago

Listening to the radio while driving.

Decerto3248d ago

I would rather have a career mode than this, to be honest.

supremacy3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

now why cant they just make this a universal thing across all games on this platform? then simply add trophies to that and we are all set to go.

these things will give the psp a somewhat of an advantage when compared to the competition.

cmon sony.

SHAGGY623247d ago

hopefully GT5 has custom soundtracks too

foreverflame3247d ago

This game doesn't have online how sad,Mario kart D.S has online LMAO!!!!