TF2 Blog: Guard Dog

A day or two ago, fake TF2 update fliers circulated various Team Fortress 2 forums including the official Steam Forums, and Facepunch Studios. Nothing too out of the ordinary, aside from the fact that this update includes a weaponized dog. Forum goers as usual brushed it off as another fake, and for good reason.

But in a very recent blog post, the crafty demons at Valve published a TF2 Blog post featuring a patent pending paper regarding the Guard Dog.

What are you up to, Valve?

Original "fake" can be found here:

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JustinSaneV23078d ago

It just sounds like they're applauding the creator for his creativity.

Pandamobile3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I hope so. Dogs definitely don't fit in with the TF2 mantra.

And Valve's known for screwing with its TF2 fanbase, whether it be hiding Easter-eggs in update posts for unlockable medals, or totally dangling the Pyro gender question.

Or they might be pulling another 'Jarate' on us. It was originally an April Fool's day joke, but ended up being a weapon in TF2.

TheIneffableBob3078d ago

It's fake, but still awesome.

Confirmed by Robin Walker through e-mail.

TheIneffableBob3078d ago

Maybe fake isn't the best word.

It's a fan made project which Valve liked so much that they're posting it up on their blog.

tamd3077d ago

I love to see this is an update , it will be pretty cool,some update is really coming soon, valve loves to tease