Microsoft wants you to help make Natal games

Gamepro writes:

Do you like motion? How about controlling things? If so, Microsoft has the job for you!

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TrevorPhillips3138d ago

Man I would love to make natal games but I'm simply not qualified for making video games.

wxer3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

dear Microsoft,



i hope this hole motion control fails
natal and the wand both
DAMN YOU nintendo

xabmol3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

What kind of classes/school would one go to to learn how to make them?


I hope Natal does good! Their marketing push could be enough to make those kind of games really profitable. Then we get more (and hopefully better) games. This may also make Sony put more money into making good 1st party PSeye/wand games. ;)

Bereaver3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Great guys!!! Let's help Microsoft with free development! They're always spending too much money and development hours on games. Check out ODST! It took them so much money and time to make that!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I'm about to get pwned my MS lovers!

lol, newbies always cost less money.

Anon19743138d ago

My first input is to scrap Natal, or just use them for party games I'll never play. I don't want to race with imaginary steering wheels. I also don't want to leap around my living room like a hyperactive child.

When I get home from work (now school) I like to sit back, relax and blow things up. You want to get some of Nintendo's casuals - fine, I can appreciate that, but you'd better not do it at the expense of the gamers who got you this far.

commodore643138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Relax, darkride66!

The standard controller and associated content is retained by the 360.
The natal content is in ADDITION to everything else and will further enhance and add value to every 360 in existence, that much is clear.

Sadly, Sony has not chosen to go down this path.
Instead, Sony has REDUCED its PS3 features, gimping much vaunted features such as linux and backwards compatibility, to save on costs.

A PS3 fanboy like you would do well to acknowledge that while the ps3 may be reducing its features, the 360 demonstrably is doing the opposite, for the good of gamers.

Your erroneous habit of seeing the ps3's faults reflected in the 360, would in part, explain your ongoing confusion about the benefits of natal.

wxer3138d ago

"Sadly, Sony has not chosen to go down this path.
Instead, Sony has REDUCED its PS3 features, gimping much vaunted features such as linux and backwards compatibility, to save on costs."

Gimping ???
if you wana play PS2 games
get out there and get one its 99$
(as much as youre 360 wifi's cost)
funny how you 360 fan boys act like its okay to buy a 99$ WiFi
but its not okay to buy a 99$ last gen console

and guess what
the wii dose NOT play NES games
but no one gives a f*ck

and yah
wait a sec

"the 360 demonstrably is doing the opposite, for the good of gamers."
and you've just said this
"gimping much vaunted features such as linux and backwards compatibility"

soo gamers need linux on the PS3 ???

and how the hell the PS3 is "gimping" things with all of those games
look at the PS3 titels
the best right now in all ways
and thats a fact

and buy the way
the old PS3 used to cost 800$ to make
and they started selling it for 600$
they are loosing money from the get go
now thats a company that loves its customers
but Microsoft stopped supporting the first xbox the minuet they start losing money
and they'll do the same to the 360 soon

and one last thing
if you think that natal well be a success you are really living in some nice dream

so PLZ keep your mouth closed

glennc3138d ago

@wxer - relax dude. they are valid points.

i'm sorry but neither MS, Sony or nin care about their customers. you are in a fantasy world. Sony don't even care about playstation, they advertsise the console as a movie player. blu-ray is worth way more than PS brand to them, that is just their way of getting blu-ray to the masses.

blind fanboyism at it's finest right here folks

Anon19743138d ago

I've been very vocal about my feelings with Sony cutting features from the PS3, and I'm just as skeptical regarding Sony's motion control as much as I'm skeptical on Natal.

Sony was dead wrong, in my opinion, for cutting BC out of the PS3. Linux I couldn't care less about, but the loss of BC couldn't have saved them much cash. I think it was a step in the wrong direction.

Funny. You critisize me for not being critical of Sony, and yet my posting history is available for anyone to view. You think maybe you should have checked before you opened your mouth.

At any rate, I'm not talking as a PS3 owner. I'm discussing Natal as a 360 owner worried that Microsoft might shift their focus. I bought my 360 because I liked the games it had to offer. Like I said, I've got no problem with them trying to capture some of Nintendo's market - just make sure the core focus is on the gamers that have supported you up to this point.

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PandemicPrawn03138d ago

Making games would be a dream come true for me, but I'm afraid I'm stuck in the same boat as you guys. I'm not qualified.

I have seen a lot of great Natal game ideas in the comment zones on this site, I'm sure there are some creative people here who can take up the challenge.

TrevorPhillips3138d ago

Yea same here I also have great ideas to share but like I mention early not qualified.

PandemicPrawn03138d ago

OK. lets make a bit of a game of this thread and bounce some Ideas for Natal Games or Natal features in existing games.

No Fanboy BS please, lets see how creative we can get.

I think a trauma center type game would be perfect for a Natal game.

You could use a Milo like interface to diagnose people and then use the gesture controls to perform the surgeries, you could use the voice recognition to switch tools and direct other NPCs in the game.

omegaheat3138d ago

I'm not here to bash your idea at all. In fact some of that stuff you mentioned aint half bad. It could work and it's never been touched. You may have been joking, but I think you realize there's so much untouched territory in a gaming. I have a slew of game ideas on paper from start to finish, and I'm an artist. But I never finished college, so.....

PandemicPrawn03138d ago

No I'm not being sarcastic, I think there are lots of great Ideas for this kind of tech.

Ha, I also get game ideas on paper as I'm a bit of an artist myself.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who does that sort of thing.

TrevorPhillips3138d ago

Imagine you make a porn game for natal and u can able to u know ;)

KionicWarlord2223138d ago

Im sorry i dont follow....

oh....OHHH....OHHHHH i see .

I can see the commercial now ;

"Buy Natal love."

"wet naps included ."

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