Gamespot: Halo 3 ODST Review

Halo 3: ODST is an excellent package. The delicate construction of the story adds a new wrinkle to the typical Halo plot, and the action-packed campaign levels are full of intense battles and surprising encounters. Firefight mode is a standout addition, crafting highly addictive cooperative battles for players to experience. It's disappointing that the competitive multiplayer hasn't received any updates or innovations from its Halo 3 incarnation, but it's as fun as it ever was, and well worth sinking more hours into if you haven't yet seen the many downloadable maps. ODST is a superb addition to the franchise and a must-play for anyone who craves top-notch action.

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deadreckoning6663166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Im not a fanboy or anythg, but after this past week of constant bullcrap towards ODST. This is pretty amusing.

Edit: Stealth disagrees already...
Edit: This is RIDICULOUS...people are losing bubbles for simply stating that GS gave a great review.

Multi-Console Owner3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Nice to see another great review. I'm going to the midnight launch in a bit. I can't wait! I'm gonna play the campaign alone first, then play firefight for awhile, then beat the campaign on legendary with some friends and finally get the last few Vidmaster Challenges.

Since you know the PS3 fanboy sh*tstorm will be coming, I might as well say this in advance:

PS3 fanboys, please don't invade this article. Let us 360 fans comment together in peace. There's no need for you to come in and bash the game; we already know you hate it. It's like you're are scared of ODST. They should go praise Uncharted 2 in the Uncharted 2 articles and let the 360 fans praise ODST in the ODST articles.

I'm completely neutral and I praise games in their respective articles. Unlike the fanBOYS, I don't go in a game's article just to bash it. Look at my post history; it should be a guideline for all N4G users. Comment on a game that you personally are interested in it's articles and don't comment on a game that you hate.

Fans = Gamers who are here to learn about games they like or are interested in.

FanBOYS = Idiots who use gaming as a medium to brag. An example is all of the fanboys (both sides) flooding the 'other' consoles articles bashing a game for poor sales/reviews and bragging about their console of choice's great sales/reviews.

90% of an article's comments on here are fanboys bashing. It's hard to find relevant comment through all of the hate. It's ridiculous that since this site is mostly filled with Sony fans, if you praise an article located in the 360 section, you still get a ton of disagrees and lose bubbles from the Sony fanboys who invade it.

Fanboys need to stick to their console of choice's articles! Hopefully people will embrace this concept and N4G will be a better place :)

EDIT: The stealth disagrees are already here! We'll the 50+ disagree mark soon. We 360 fans should bubble each other so we don't lose bubbles from the crazy PS3 fanboys. "dolan" is already bashing me for going to the midnight launch for in his opinion "a $60 expansion" so predictable.

EDIT 2: Wow, I lost a bubble already! I'm sure I'll be down to three by tomorrow. So ridiculous. I'm sure they'll all report my comment even though they know it's true. What the mods SHOULD delete is all of the fanboy comments spamming these articles. All of us 360 fans are tired of the PS3 fanboys spaming the articles with "$60 expansion." "Halo is overrated.". Do something mods!

EDIT 3: Just about everyone who is commenting on how this review and ODST are good, is losing a bubble. Wow, just wow...

Megan Fox3166d ago

Another great review, i was expecting a 8.5 from gamespot... great review.

dolan3166d ago

"Nice to see another great review. I'm going to the midnight launch in a bit. I can't wait! "

Going to a midnight launch for a 60 dollar expansion pack? My god is that pathetic.

These 'reviews' are absolutely hilarious. The utterly asinine 10/10s for GTA4 were the wake up call gamers needed to see first hand what a complete farce game reviews are.

These joke Halo 3 ODST reviews are the final nail in the coffin of any pretense of credibility for the major gaming sites.

PandemicPrawn03166d ago

Well put, I hope all true gamers take note of the anti fanboy sentiment that is starting to rise up within this site.

Lets drive them back to the open zone, where they belong.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Halo ODST here:

He is playing ODST and says that it is awesome...

BadboyCivic3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )



DMason3166d ago

Well said my man. As an owner of both consoles, it makes me sick to see the hypocrisy. That's why I hate PS3 fanboys the most, they just can't bear to see a game on the 360 succeed. The use the term "expansion pack" and "Microsoft paid them off" so loosely.

I guess Microsoft paid of Gamespot too eh?

Get over it, Halo is a great franchise and of course there are going to be people waiting at the midnight launch. World of Warcraft "expansion" packs have hordes (no pun intended) of people waiting in line for it.

Quit your whining.

dolan3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Halo has now become the laughing stock of the console world.

Congrats guys!

Just have your Halo buds in the gaming media give the games 1 milllion/10 from now since that is what you want to hear.

The rest of the gaming world just rolls their eyes and laughs now at anything Halo related.

The silly little shiny green power ranger has jumped the shark.

SolidAhmed3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

This really deserve 8 out of 10

for you information guys gamespot gave heavenly sword 8 for the shortness of the game. why do not they be fair at least with this one?

guess they have a great advertisement from halo out there

i am really sad that the industry will end up like this caring only for money

edit: i would have to say again it is really sad that some people would depend on reviews (i am not saying that i hate halo or something like that but u got to admit the fact that halo has the best campaign, yes they will receive the best scores BUT if they did not emphasize on the campaign it self and rather they focus little more on thier quality would this strategy change their game?

i am really hoping that halo fans will step on and demand some innovation

3166d ago
Greywulf3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Its an expansion kit. You're buying it for $60.00. Think of one Sony fanboy on the site jealous that they only get to play AAA's this year. Done? Because I cant find any..

I just hope when EA/Activision start following this trend, that 360 owners continue to buy them up, then eventually.. MS/EA/Activision/ will create 1 console that releases halo, madden and guitar hero's hourly for $10.00. Then there will be gaming consoles that Nintendo/SOny makes. And "gamsoles" or something. I mean it shouldn't be hard. You can literally just use the same engines from years ago, low overhead, and some of you are too eager to justify a console purchase, you wont even notice.

Its like you cant comprehend that its a sham, and you're celebrating over getting peed on. Well.. heres a towel :)

Multi-Console Owner3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Have you personally played? How can you say it deserves an 8? You can't review a game based on stuff you heard or some trailers.

And Heavenly Sword had no multiplayer, co-op campaign or a co-op game mode so in a way it's much shorter than ODST.

Also, I'm laughing at how I already lost two bubbles. You Sony fanboys are making yourselves look dumber and dumber. I'm a Sony fan (as well as 360 fan) but you fanBOYS are crazy. You fit the "boy" in "fanboy" perfectly; very, very immature.

It's funny how I got up to six bubbles for praising Uncharted 2 in the Uncharted 2 articles, but now I go down to four for praising ODST in an ODST article. Shows how messed up this site's community is.

EDIT @ Raptor below: People aren't bitter towards a review, PS3 fanboys are bitter towards a positive 360 review.

Raptors3166d ago

People are this bitter towards a review? wow...

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I'm a huge Halo fan and have been looking forward to this game for some time now, however I'm not going to buy it new. I don't play Halo online, so really I just want it for the campaign mode, and I've always thought Halo did co-op splitscreen right. That being said, I'll probably just pick this up used eventually. There's too many great games out right now on both systems that I haven't got the time to play, and I don't feel much like paying full price for a 5 hour campaign mode. I still want to play it, but I can wait till I see it cheap.

I never doubted for a second that Bungie would deliver, but I almost wish they had released this as a download, like The Lost and the Damned, rather then bundling it with those multiplayer packs most already had and then charging full price.

Edit: Also @ Multi-Console Owner. You really think you lost bubbles because you like Halo ODST and not because you seem to have spent your last few posts openly antagonizing PS3 fans? Doesn't take a rocket scientist...

GiantEnemyCrab3166d ago

"for you information guys gamespot gave heavenly sword 8 for the shortness of the game. why do not they be fair at least with this one?"

Heavenly Sword has no multiplayer so I can see why it's a bit lower. Even if the MP is the same as Halo 3 you are still getting MP with it in addition to some extra maps and Firefight mode.

PS: Just saw on the news the lines to get into the ODST launch party in Seattle. The line stretched around the building... This game is huge.

SolidAhmed3166d ago

i did not play the game your absolutely right

however, i do know that the game is too short and only for that reason other games did not get 9s specially from gamespot

please do understand my point i am not here for a fight over a game ....

SiteNblog Defender3166d ago

@multi-console owner, well said. Just goes to show you that Destructoid article was correct.

ArmrdChaos3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Of all those people using price as their main argument many of you paid $40 for a demo? So all those who paid for GT Prologue who buy the actual game will end up paying $100 for said game, but that is not BS? Point of the matter is those people will say that they will get $100 of play out of it. Same here...most of the diehard Halo players will get as much play if not more than a full blown $60 game. Not a diehard Halo and decide. Don't like the price then wait for it to come down...simple.

FantasyStar3166d ago

Multi-Console Owner FTW! (The user, and myself as a PS360-PC Owner!)

Multi-Console Owner3166d ago

There's a LOT of replay-ability for ODST between co-op campaign and Firefight so even though the campaign is only 6-8 hours (according to IGN, GameTrailers etc) there's still a lot of gameplay time.

And you still can't rate a game based on what you hear, without playing it. HAZE sounded great but it actually sucked! You can't give a game a score without playing it.

It's like rating a movie based on a trailer which reminds me of this amazingly hilarious video:

SolidAhmed3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

i am little upset from gamespot because they are not fair and not consistent with their reviews "game length".

and i have seen the game on many websites and to tell u the truth i do sometimes predict the review score range but i did not expect 9!!!

any way i do agree with ur point i did not play the game and i think same goes for u

so let us buy it then we would see what will happen afterword with our opinions :)

Edit: BTW lol @ the video

Edit 2nd time:

i am giving u a bubble and u do deserve more than one for ur good understanding

FlameBaitGod3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

multiconsole is right, PS3 fanoys look like they scared on this game. I dont blame them, they r missing out on 3 new maps, 1 new game mode with no mtahcmaking and a 4 huge hours campaign which where change to 6-8 thx to the fan complains, bungie was so amazing to add 2 to 4 hours more in 1 day, thats the dedicating ever developer needs. Thx bungie for using the same old 2 year old engine and giving us great 640p quality games and great AI. PS3 FANS! GO BAACK TO PLAYING ALL UR NEW GAMES AND LEAVE US WITH HALO!

callahan093166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

9's a good score. I count it as fair from GameSpot. The game packs a lot of quality content. It's kind of an Orange Box of Halo, in a way. Lots of content, all of it good, but a lot of it isn't new.

But that's precisely why I won't be buying it. I've already bought most of this content, and I have no intention of buying it again. Come on Microsoft, release the new stuff on a standalone disc! Then I'd buy it, and happily so.

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Not me, that's for damn sure. Just like I didn't buy Heavenly Sword because of the short campaign, and just like I'm not paying $65-70 cdn for Halo: ODST for a 5 hour campaign and rehashed multiplayer I have no use for. That's why if this had been a cheaper download, I'd be all over it, but because it's not I'll just pick it up used in 6 months or not at all. I want to play it, but I'm not paying full price for it. Maybe it'll be a weekend rental if I get some time.

3166d ago
HolyOrangeCows3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Remember Kane and Lynch?

EDIT: Everyone ranting about "FANBOIIISSS!!" has been reported. I hope you guys like the open zone.

InFAMOUS13166d ago

I only trust a few websites for their reviews and gamespot is one of them. PERSONALLY I could never get into any of the Halo games, as jumping 60ft in the air shooting lasers was never my thing, but to each his own. Im glad 360 owners have another title to add to their library

360FTW23166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Great point, these guys are talking smack about 360 fans paying 60 bucks for DLC while 3.13 million of them paid 40 bucks for a demo in GT5 Prologue. Haha, that's classic a bunch of prima_donnas the don't know the definition of hypocrisy.

The funny thing is, Halo is not available on the PS3 (because if it was they would buy it.) Yet they are constantly on halo threads barking like little lap dogs.

I think we should do what they do, 360 fans don't take enough bubbles PS3 fans take too many. If they troll, they should pay the price. They sure as hell make 360 fans pay the price now don't they.

@above - Thanks, I totally respect where you are coming from. I feel the same way about climbing large building and shooting electricity at people. :)

Sitdown3166d ago

"Going to a midnight launch for a 60 dollar expansion pack? My god is that pathetic. "

Do you say the same thing concerning Madden or in Madden threads?

InFAMOUS13166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I don't recall ever claiming to make reference to InFamous as a title that interested me. However I did buy InFamous because I like to show support to developers who actually think about what it is they want to create. Thats why I don't buy Activision games, and thats also why I don't own a 360. Like it or not PS3 first party devs are creative and love showing off their talents. Where as bungie has displayed time and time again that since their original design of halo they have done sweet EFF all with the franchise! Where as say Naughty Dog has taken Uncharted2 and really defined what they were capable of (not the ps3) by extending the single player, added multiplayer, created new weapons, upgraded graphics, upgraded the engine and just created a more balanced polished video game. Halo 1 2 3 ODST ALL play and look exactly the same!
Now I never 'troll' on here as I would agree with 360 fans that PS3 fans are typically the worst type of fanboy and I don't want to be labeled as such, so I tend to keep my distance but when push comes to shove we are ALL equally as stupid

360FTW23166d ago

I understand where you are coming from. Just having a little fun and threw in a little sarcasm, no disrespect intended.

My bad, bubbles up. Way to stay civil.

InFAMOUS13166d ago

OK sorry that I misinterpreted what you were saying! bubbles 4 you also, as civil you were

tatotiburon3166d ago

any doubt why ps3 fanboys are the worst of the industry?? just watch all halo 3 topics

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

At this point, there's 97 comments in the Gamerzone. I count 3 that look to be PS3 fans just here to bash. Then the overwhelming majority of the posts are complaining about PS3 fans.

So where are all these awful, phantom PS3 fans? Are they in the Open Zone? Maybe in other threads?
Complaining about sites who post inconsistent reviewers isn't pro one console or the other, it's gamers noticing when sites give inconsistent reviews. How's that a bad thing to discuss?

I like Halo just as much as the next guy, but I think some of you are being overly defensive. I'm sure the Open Zone is a mess, but just stay out of there if you don't like it. Open Zone is always a mess.

tatotiburon above me said "any doubt why ps3 fanboys are the worst of the industry?? just watch all halo 3 topics."

At the risk of being unpopular, I'm reading the threads and I think some of you are over reacting. There's nothing wrong with questioning when a review site is inconsistent, or questioning the value of a full priced title with a short campaign. If you want to just see Halo fans sit around and pat each other on the backs, maybe you should find a Halo fan site. Gamers are trying to have a conversation.

SaberEdge3166d ago

Oh please, Darkride. Don't play dumb. This article is the exception, and it still has too many PS3 fanboys doing nothing but trolling. But the trolling on most of the Halo 3 ODST articles is just out of control.

I love both my consoles, but I'll be honest, the behavior of most PS3 fanboys is downright shameful.

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Take Edge's decent review of Halo: ODST. There's 250 comments in the gamer zone. Almost zero trolls, some legitimate discussion and a helluva lot of 360 fans complaining about PS3 owners who aren't really complaining.

Maybe it seems like a lot to you, but I don't know...personally, I don't think questioning a site's consistency or questioning the value of a full price game with a short campaign is trolling, I think that's gamers having a discussion.

Also, don't confuse PS3 fans with PS3 fanboys. There's a HUGE difference, just like with the 360. I know plenty of 360 fans who *gasp* just think the 360 is a system to play games on and don't have any particular brand loyalty! I's shocking. Fans of a system and fanboys are two different things.

Odin7773166d ago

I know you are supposed to be the Hero here, and I respect what you're saying, but you can't stop people from having opposing opinions.

IaMs123166d ago

Wow seriously people why do you not believe these reviews? Im sure you believe the UC2 reviews oh OOPS i just saw a review gave UC2 an 8 and all i found in it was bashing of the game site. HERE in ODST 360 XBOX! articles i see both bashing of the game and the site for a good review why bash a game? Why do you sony boys care so much if ODST gets good ratings? You dont see us in UC2 bashing it for no reason. I know it will be a good game, so why cant you GTFU and accept ODST!

Seriously, Sony fanboys are the worst, and i would not be proud to call myself one.

-chaz-3166d ago

@Multi-Console Owner

+1 to you

Well said, and completely true. Mention Halo to any Sony fanboy and they leap out of the corner, fangs bared and press-on nails bloodied to tell you about how great Uncharted 2 is.

Having said that, I'll be a little sad when the holidays are over because this site won't be as amusing to read.

SaberEdge3166d ago

Darkride, get real. If you are going to sit there and deny what is blatantly obvious I guess there is no real reason to even attempt to have a discussion with you.

It doesn't surprise me, though. You are one of the bigger PS3 fanboys on this site, who always has something negative to say about the 360 or its games. The most we get out of you is some transparent, stealth-trolling that you think fools people into thinking you are somewhat level-headed. I can't remember ever seeing you give an unqualified and unrestrained compliment to the 360 or its games (as I have done towards the PS3 many, many times). Just a simple, straightforward compliment towards the 360 seems to be impossible for you.

You can sit here and pretend that all of those known hardcore PS3 fanboys in those ODST articles are simply concerned gamers trying to have a conversation, but we all know that is a load of BS, now don't we.

shadow27973166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I don't have any problem with the review, I expected lower from GameStop, but that's only because in the past they seemed pretty harsh. Halo's not my thing, personally, but I have several friends who will love ODST.

However, I would like to address the comparisons between GT5: Prologue and ODST (Which, by the way, is hypocrisy in and of itself, but that's beside the point). But honestly, you're not giving Prologue credit. GT5:P has at least as much content as ODST, if not more AND it retailed for $20 cheaper.

I'm not trying to downplay ODST, just defend Prologue. Which, by the way, has more cars than NFS Shift. Prologue is a little more than just a demo. Prologue also didn't charge you twice for the same content, but that's another argument entirely. The point is, a PS3 exclusive Sim racer doesn't belong in the comment section of a 360 exclusive FPS. You're just adding fuel to the fanboy war that you're complaining so much about.

vhero3166d ago

I agree with Greywulf as long as its called Halo no matter how terrible it is it will get 9 out of 10 from most places and people will buy it though lets be fair the same could be said for games like call of duty. the FPS genre is a state right now and we need to get some new material Sonys doing good with resistance and Killzone and MS with Gears but we need more!

callahan093166d ago

OK, seriously, what's with the disagrees on my comment? Is it because you don't think ODST deserves a 9 out of 10? Because, come on, it's brimming with content. The full Halo 3 multiplayer suite, the brand new campaign, Firefight. And Halo 3 is a top-notch gaming experience, always has been and definitely still is. So I do agree that all of the content in ODST makes it worthy of high scores.

Or is it the part where I said I'm not buying it because I already own half of the content in this box? Look, are all you guys here that are going to buy this game not owners of the original Halo 3? Because I can't imagine that you're such big videogame fans that you frequent a website like N4G, and that you're so interested in ODST, that you somehow don't have Halo 3. If you've got Halo 3, why wouldn't you prefer that Microsoft give you the OPTION of buying all the new content at a lower price? If you don't have Halo 3, then go for ODST, it's an amazing package and worth the 60 dollars. But I'm just simply not going to buy something that I feel should be offered in more than one package at two different price points for those of us who need all of this content and those of us who only need some of it.

Remember when The Lord of the Rings Return of the King came out on DVD? They sold it by itself, and they also brought out a box set that included all three movies. Now imagine that you bought the first two when they first came out, and now you wanted the third, but in this scenario they DID NOT release it by itself, and instead ONLY came out with the box set containing all three. Granted, it's still a great set of movies and for somebody who wants all 3 movies, it's offered at a great price. But for somebody who already bought the first two and just wants the third, you've got to be sitting there wondering why the hell New Line Cinema didn't give you the option to just buy the third movie.

I think that analogy pretty well sums up my concerns with the package and why I won't be buying it right now (but I do want it).

So I don't know why everybody disagreed with me. If you're more than happy to be forced to buy something you already bought a second time just to get to the new stuff, then I guess that's your business. But you should at least understand that some of us don't like that idea.

callahan093166d ago

I feel that my comment is very well-reasoned. To the phantom disagree, why don't you just come out and say what you don't agree with. Refute me if you actually have a legitimate contention with my logic.

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

You say I'm denying the obvious, I'm saying it's not obvious. I repeat...count them. You'll see I'm right. If it's so "obvious" then there's no harm in counting and reporting back. Should be easy to prove me wrong, unless I'm 100% correct.

Go and count how many PS3 fans are trolling ODST articles compared to those with genuine complaints regarding the game, Halo fans stoked about the game and 360 fans complaining about PS3 fans.

You'll see I'm right.

As for your name calling, dude, I couldn't care less about what you think of me personally because when all you do is name call rather then address the points I've raised it tells me you don't have a counter argument and aren't worth talking to. And anyone can see my posting history or look up my Gamertag (DarkrideHex66). So I'm a huge PS3 fan who plays on a 360 and defends Fable, Gears, Halo, geeks out about Alan Wake...etc..etc....
Give me a break. Ever stop to think I'm a 360 fan who just has a different opinion then you do?

ShadowCK3166d ago

Superb Review. I thought it was going to be unfair but it turned out incredibly detailed and very well justified.

Ashriel3166d ago


We have plenty of ps3 trolls here, such as Saaking, Obama, Microsoft Xbox 360, FiftyFourPointTwo, Mooey, Omarja, ultimolu, helghan66, sir_ken_kutaragi, HolyOrangeCows, Nelson M., socomer, GWAVE
Just to name a few.
Obviusly they are not trolling this article in particular, but I've seen them in plenty of Halo related articles.

starchild3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Oh, but according to darkride66 all those fanboys are really just people with "genuine complaints regarding the game".

+ Show (48) more repliesLast reply 3166d ago
CreepyB3166d ago

is this the same site that said ratchet and clank had too much variety?.

BadboyCivic3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )


Edit: lol at the fanboys who took my last bubble...
i hope that make you feel reel good about urself...

Elvfam5113166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

How did i post here lol

bubble up at above

Saaking3166d ago

The only ones who complain about bubbles are the stupid bots who get de-bubbled because of their bs comments. And yes, I'm very satisfied that a moron like you can't comment as much anymore. One less bot to worry about.

HolyOrangeCows3166d ago

The gamer zone is full of 360 fanboys complaining about the PS3 fanboys who aren't there, having a justification party the whole way.

They'll never learn. Kane and Lynch. Kane and freaking Lynch.

borgome3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Yes, this is the only site I trust reviews from. I pretty much don't buy a game unless this site gives a score of 8 or better. This site has always been brutally honest with their reviews.

Ahhh, can't wait to sit down and play some ODST tonight. Suck on that PS3 computer nerds. WOOO!!

I love seeing all the jealous PS3 turd nerds on this site get their panties in a knot over the greatest shooter series of all time, brings a smile to my face :)

likedamaster3166d ago

"One less bot to worry about."

I'd hate to see what your sad life is like. Your name should be Saadking. My condolences on your hurt butt(since 2005).

borgome3166d ago

Attention Ps3 nerds
I'll give it to you plain and simple so even the Ps3 nerds can understand this. The reason xbox is winning is because normal/cool gamers play xbox, the majority of people fall into this category.

Now, on the other hand the type of people that play Ps3 are the nerdy/uncool computer type. You my friends, in this world are the minority, that is why Ps3 can't beat xbox.

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ShabzS3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

dang ... these were the guys i was wating for ... editiors choice as well ... good stuff

@multiconsoleowner: well said man ...

@below: just one more day to go man ..

militant073166d ago

I have this game for 3 days ago, Only played it for few mins.

i dont want to play it solo, and i cant find co-op mate, waiting for the game to be officaly released :(

Christopher3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Never did get GameSpot's Editor's Choice. It's pretty much any game that gets 9.0 or higher.

Hope you guys enjoy your game as much as the reviewers seemed to have enjoyed it!

Edit: A disagree for telling people to enjoy their game? That's sad.

Bumpmapping3166d ago

They gave MGS4 a 10 no reason why Uncharted shouldn't get it as well

ShabzS3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

yeah gs is very stingy when it comes to anything 9.2 above...

only 2 games have score 10 on gs... mgs 4 like you pointed out and gta 4...

for uc i'm expecting a 9.6 (with the ranks of gta sa) or a full 10..

No FanS Land3166d ago

Sorry but on GS there is also that have scored 10's
Zelda: ocarina of time
soul calibur (dreamcast)
tony hawk3 (Ps2 version)
Crono Cross (PS1)

unless you're talking this gen.

ShabzS3166d ago

yep talkin about this gen

shocky163166d ago

So for U2 I'm expecting a 9-9.5

Tr10wn3166d ago

Like i said MGS4 is the only true game on the PS3. and that's why MS was looking for kojima. Uncharted well i was playing the beta in my friends house and it's look good very good but the gameplay was meh he over-act when jumping and when bullets pass wall corners looks unreal (that's maybe beta problems) but yea i don't see uncharted 2 dethroning MGS4 that game was selling consoles even in the midnight i remember that first 10 people all of them buy the game with the console.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3166d ago
deadreckoning6663166d ago

@Multi-console owner- Ur right man. Honestly, Im thinking of buying a 360 now, not so much for ODST, but more for Reach. Its using a brand new engine and it seems likely that developers are making a Halo game that'll appeal to a wider range of FPS players.