G4TV: Tokyo Game Show 2009 - What To Expect From Sony

G4TV Writes:

Since Nintendo seldom makes big splashes at TGS, it's Sony's show to lose, year after year. Although Microsoft has made some strides on the Japanese market thanks to exclusive Japanese role-playing games like Star Ocean: The Last Hope, PlayStation 3 still has more of the mindshare of the Japanese market -- that is, the part of the market that hasn't been swept away solely by the Wii.

It'll be a curious year for Sony. One could argue that the publisher has Western audiences' attention with games like Uncharted 2 and MAG, but what can the publishing giant do for its home audience?

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swiftshot933219d ago

Its definitely good to keep expectations down, I mean sony had possibly the biggest E3 ever (in terms of announcements) and Gamescom was unexpectedly huge for them. The highlight will be motion controls.

For me, all sony needs to do is release new info on The Last Guardian, a release date and preview of GT5, and a new announcement from Level 5 (regarding their next project). If they do that the competition will be irrelevant IMO.

PandemicPrawn03219d ago

Seeing as Microsoft and Nintendo won't be having a keynote at the TGS, this really is just a soapbox for Sony to beat it's chest and show off some more of their already impressive games line up.

It really will be an easy win for Sony.

chisox1003219d ago

The two unannounced PS3 games are most likely:
New JRPG from Japan studios or someone else.
New FPS from San Diego Studios (the rumor about the MLB 09 tech being used on a shooter from a month ago; SDS makes MLB 09 so they must be up to something)

Raoh3219d ago

?????????????????????????????? ???????????

Wasn't White Knight Chronicles already released in japan last december? Why would they be showing it again?

The gaming GOD3219d ago

Level 5 did show they were working on it with scans and all in a famitsu a few months back. That probably answers your question

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