Why Final Fantasy doesn't matter to Kingdom Hearts

GamesRadar writes:

"We suppose our regular readers, weaned on the violent acts of Marcus Fenix and Solid Snake, deserve an explanation. Why has GamesRadar devoted five whole days to anthropomorphic rodents and smile time gags on the week Halo 3: ODST hits shelves? It's partially due to poor scheduling (not necessarily on our part!) and a lifetime of love for The House of Mouse. And it wasn't all that long ago when Disney's name actually meant something.

For almost a decade prior to the first Kingdom Hearts, the name "Disney" meant approximately jack and shit to gamers with disposable income and pubic hair. While the Kingdom Hearts' releases didn't quite create a resurgence in quality cartoon products, they were at least robust and rewarding enough for animation fans to look forward to. So, it'd be a shame to see that go away because of some spiky haired people we could do without."

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dooge3220d ago

The Kingdom Hearts series is awesome...I hope it stays around for awhile longer. Can't wait for KH3.