Audi Explains Audi PlayStation Home Space

Audi have gone on the record to explain why they decided to create a PlayStation Home space.

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krouse933248d ago

Free Racing game that has the possibility of being quite good.

aiphanes3248d ago

I am gonna have to check this out!

Pretty soon...all the car manufacturers will be creating PS Home spaces!

gaffyh3248d ago

You never know, it might end up sucking like Gripshift lol (I hope not though)

gaffyh3248d ago

I wonder if other car makers will do some Home stuff now.

agentfoxe-n4g3248d ago

I'd love to see their hydrogen concept car!

thebudgetgamer3248d ago

the site doesn't work on my ps3.

gaffyh3248d ago

Main bit is this "With the Audi Space, we can bring this target group into contact with our brand in a highly emotion-packed and interactive environment, and demonstrate our 'Vorsprung durch Technik' with the virtual e-tron race."

Also it's coming in December, with updates in 2010.