Rumor: Handful of 250GB PS3 bundles heading to Europe

This morning, Joystiq received two images, from an alleged Norwegian GameStop employee, in which multiple PlayStation 3 250GB game bundle SKUs are visibly on display. In one image, claimed to be an internal email to all Norwegian GameStop employees, instructions on the difference between the rumored 250GB PS3 bundles and the current 120GB PS3 are found. The email "there is no difference" aside from storage space and posits four possible "PS3 250GB" bundles: One paired with "NFS" (presumably Need for Speed: Shift); another with "FIFA" (presumably FIFA 10); a third with Uncharted 2; and the final one with Assassin's Creed 2.

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chidori6663220d ago

uncharthed 2 bundle is sweet.

YoungKiller253220d ago

Seems fake to me they also have, above the highlighted bundles, a 160g PS3. The maker of the list forgot to take high school geometry.

foreverflame3220d ago

300 dollars is a rip off for a ps3 slim i can buy 2 Top of the line exclusive game and a 360 system for that price

YoungKiller253220d ago

Have fun playing those 2 top of the line games on XBOXlive...
and I'm sure one of those games will be the glitch-fest that is GearsOfWar2, you do get what you pay for right?

Also New games cost 60$
your total= 320 dollars bud.

skatezero2463219d ago

sorry to here that your poor bud... have fun playing your 360 I guess

dustgavin3219d ago

Save that $300 for the next 3 add-ons needed to complete your system.

josuttis3220d ago

"GameStop employee"


vicheous3219d ago

I'm from Norway and this is the real deal... Let's just say i've already seen this... And if you think it's expensive, remember we earn a lot more money than you do +25% tax also

More news on this during TGS