IGN: Dante's Inferno Hands-on Preview

IGN writes: "In the Divine Comedy, it was possible to be tempted by a number of different sins, potentially endangering your soul to torment because of the error of your ways. However, up till now, we've only seen segments of Dante's Inferno, the upcoming action game from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts, with souls lost in Limbo before they have been judged to their damnation, as well as sections of the Anger circle. While it was rather apparent that both of these offenses applied to Dante, we hadn't seen some of the other vices and how it might fit into his life, or that of his love, Beatrice. That was changed recently as I had a chance to check out a portion of Lust, the second circle in Inferno, to see just what temptations lay in store for the unfortunate hero".

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