A look around and in Guerrilla Studios

PS3Life writers wrote: We have posted some images of the Guerilla Studio of how does it look like outside the building and inside the building? you will see it in the article.

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Kingsora2925d ago

cool building little old skool to inside

xXSilentXx2925d ago

i like the staircase screenshot its so beautifully with the Helgast flag..

TooTall192925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

hopefully they announce K3 next year. They seriously had a forum for it on the killzone website, but it was taken down.

xXSilentXx2925d ago

Who knows it should be that they announce it at the E3 or GamesCom 2010!

gijsbrecht2925d ago

Simon Larouche (ex-senior game-designer at GG) seems to have said that KZ3 is scheduled for the end of 2011