Flight of the Conchords Track Pack Coming to Rock Band

Crazy Kiwi due Flight of the Conchords missed out on an Emmy for their now cancelled TV series yesterday, but did take time out on the red carpet to reveal that a 3 track pack from Brett & Jermaine will be headed to Rock Band at some point in the future.

When asked the guys did not know which songs would be included, but as their new album 'I Told You I Was Freaky' is due at the end of October it'd be a safe bet that at least one of those tracks will make it into the pack

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hamsterfist3251d ago

No freakin' way! I love me some flight of the conchords.

Anon19743251d ago

Last I heard, HBO was committed to season 3 whenever they were done their new album.

Parapraxis3251d ago

darkride66 is right, after the first season HBO picked them up for 2 more.

MadBadger3251d ago

Seems you are correct... I'm sure I remeber hearing otherwise, original post corrected but obviously cannot update the N4G post.

MadBadger3251d ago

I knew I had read somewhere that there wouldn't be a third series:-

After hours of searching I found plenty of sites reiterating the same story, but absolutely zero sites confirming that a 3rd series would be made. The nearest I found to a confirmation of a new series was a story about HBO saying they would run a 3rd series, but the ball was in Brett & Jermaine's court.

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PandemicPrawn03251d ago

Oh thats nice.

Their mothers are going to be so proud of them.

Bless their little hearts.

Rhezin3251d ago

You didn't believe mayyy. Haha LOVE FOTC. Sh!t I woulda bought a Rockband guitar and Rockband if I knew they were gonna be on it.