OXM: Halo 3:ODST Review

OXM: This Halo manages to earn its own keep while learning from its predecessors' mistakes and balancing fan expectations. It's no small feat, particularly with that Master Chief guy nowhere in sight.

+ Stellar pacing makes the campaign Bungie's best yet.
+ Firefight is a riot that never ends.
- Various series favorites (some weapons, equipment, Covenant Elites) are missing.
? Can we get some more Firefight maps via DLC? Pleeeeeeeeeease

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tatotiburon3253d ago

i didn't see you complaining about PSM's uncharted 2 review 21/20...o i forgot they are honest and xbox 360 sites are biased right?...

MGOelite3253d ago

at least uncharted 2 has no direct negatives unlike odst, 5-6 hour campaign and no real multiplayer (firefight has no matchmaking, you can only play with your friends so not really multiplayer)

EpicGamerSwordsman3253d ago

Nuff Said... a 9.5 is the same score Halo 3 Recieved. lol Biased Bastards

Light Yagami3253d ago

"i didn't see you complaining about PSM's uncharted 2 review 21/20...o i forgot they are honest and xbox 360 sites are biased right?..."

Ownage right here.

EpicGamerSwordsman3253d ago

Uncharted 2 Deserves the high scores Unlike the Rip-off Expansion called Halo 3 ODST, Reviewers Act like its a new game built from the Gruond up. Oh yeah Explain How Halo ODST Got the SAME Score as Halo 3 when its only an Expansion???

JasonPC360PS3Wii3253d ago

There is a "I just got teabagged" T-shirt waiting for you to pick up at Walmart

ReviewsArePolitics3253d ago

So yeah, PSM is not biased. So you X-retards can break your group fellatio now.

FiftyFourPointTwo3253d ago

You got that right. Just ignore taBOTiburon, BOT_yagami, BOTson360 and steven colBOT. They're just 12 year-olds and are extremely butthurt that their goty contender is not AAA. It's more like flop of the year contender! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! M$ fails again!
Next flop by flamebox 360: Pwndza 3 against Gran Turismo 5. You know its coming bots.

El Botto3252d ago

We have Uncharted 2 xbots, you dont.
We have Infamous, you dont.
We have MLB the show, you dont.
We have Killzone 2, you dont.
We have Tales of superior Vesperia, you dont.
We have Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, you dont.
We have Demons Souls, you dont.
We have Star superior Ocean 4, you dont.
We have Yakuza 3, you dont.
We have Ratchet, you dont.

What do you have, xbot? Answer: Underwhelming ODST DLC.

Hahaha you call that a console? Its a betatest system hahaha

El Botto3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

We have God of war 3, you dont.
We have MAG, you dont.
We have Heavy Rain, you dont.
We have The last Guardian, you dont.
We have Final Fantasy VERSUS 13, you dont.
We have Final Fantasy 14, you dont.
We have White knight chronicles, you dont.
We have The Agent, you dont.
We have Quantum Theory, you dont.

Haha what do you have xbots? You have alan "waited 10 years for this" wake aka "best graphics eva, will killz killzone 2"

Hahaha dream on, please. With all due respect good sirs, but you bots are fking INFERIOR in all regards. Inferior indeed.

Its like Im an anteater

And youre the oblivious ant

Little insects, your day of reckoning has come.

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MGOelite3253d ago

how come they dont say a word about the fact that the multiplayer is a direct rip off of halo 3... gloryfy the positives and ignore the negatives eh?

SnuggleBandit3253d ago

because its oxm and its the best 360 exclusive that has come since gears 2...which isn't saying much

tatotiburon3253d ago

reallY'...damn i shoud return my halo 3 copy because it didn't came with firefight mode

Raider693253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Im sorry man but on the MP department you miss a chance of letting your mouth close,because HALO haves one of the best MP in gaming has recon!And on the other hand not every gamer is a graphics whore!?"Or maybe some are from the looks of it,and the beating im having"! ( =

@ to all that are already disagreeing,,so a game that haves a million plus+ playing MP on the live every day, top first , shoud be recon has what .. i really would like to see a game that haves more MP support !!!on consoles!!! than the one BUNGIE gives to the HALO franchise!
And if someone says KILLZONE 2 it must be a joke really.

GiantEnemyCrab3253d ago

Why do you care?

Where you up in arms when Playstation magazine gave Uncharted 21/20?

Read the whole article and they list the negatives.. Not only that OXM is not known for just giving out perfect scores.

"because its oxm and its the best 360 exclusive that has come since gears 2...which isn't saying much"

Yes.. Fable 2, Shadow Complex, GTA:L&D are just poop! Go back to PS3 news fannies.

wxer3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

OXM: Halo 3:ODST Review = 9.5
is like
halo fans saying that a halo game is great

JokesOnYou3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Halo ODST is a great game, nothing you sony kids say is going to change that. All your hate and still ODST keeps pissing on your agenda. How empty you must feel. lol

-I'll be picking up my copy at the midnight launch tonight.

"We're in for one wild night." - King Leonidas

"Fact: PS3 fanboys are the worst"
"Xbox 360 Fanboys support the Xbox 360 by LIKING the Xbox 360.
PS3 Fanboys support the PS3 by HATING the Xbox 360."


Silellak3253d ago

Yeah, I really don't understand why Sony fanboys care so much about ODST's review scores. I swear there are more Sony fanboys than Halo fanboys in these comment threads.

Meh, whatever. I'll just enjoy owning both consoles and getting the best of both worlds. For the record, I'm not even really a Halo person, so I'll be skipping out on ODST myself. I just don't get the obsession non-360 owners have with these reviews. Get a hobby or something, yeesh.

tuglu_pati3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Its funny and sad to see the same PS3 Enthusiast in every Halo ODST review article.

ODSt its a game for the fans since im a fan i will love this game.


I see the fans have taken all your bubbles, here have a bubble 0_-

gaffyh3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

LOL I know OXM is biased, and people say OPM is biased (which they are imo), but they just lost all credibility by giving ODST 9.5/10. No way, no doubt in my mind is it a 9.5, and it is the game I am currently playing. It's an 8/10, why? Because ODST is worse than Halo 3 in quite a few ways in terms of gameplay. The story however is a big improvement, much more in-depth than Halo 2 and 3 AT LEAST.

PS3 fanboys are right man, PS3 games have to reinvent the wheel to get 9+ scores, Xbox 360 games just need to rehash the same stuff to get 9+.

The-Warranty3253d ago

Shhhhh its only bad when Sony fans do it.

Elven63253d ago

This is ridiculous, many single player games have come out in the past that are about 8-10 hours in length but criticized for not having a multiplayer component. Bungie makes a single player game but includes a popular multiplayer component and then some yet they are still receiving flak.

DarK-SilV3253d ago

why do you post the same article over and over ,you kept running you mouth for the last 2 weeks until you lost all your bubbles ,than you come back saying Ps3 fanboys are the worst ,so What are, a gamer or a fanboy ???

aceitman3253d ago

u will not get abetter looking game than this out of the halo franchise if they rate a dlc game posing as a full retail high scores it doesnt deserve its nothing but dlc rippoff

Multi-Console Owner3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Seriously it's like you guys are scared of ODST! Go praise Uncharted 2 in the Uncharted 2 articles and let the 360 fans praise ODST in the ODST articles.

I'm completely neutral and I praise games in their respective articles. Unlike the fanBOYS, I don't go in a game's article just to bash it. Look at my post history; it should be a guideline for all N4G users. Comment on a game that you personally are interested in it's articles and don't comment on a game that you hate.

Fans = Gamers who are here to learn about games they like or are interested in.

FanBOYS = Idiots who use gaming as a medium to brag. An example is all of the fanboys (both sides) flooding the 'other' consoles articles bashing a game for poor sales/reviews and bragging about their console of choice's great sales/reviews.

90% of an article's comments on here are fanboys bashing. It's hard to find relevant comment through all of the hate. It's ridiculous that since this site is mostly filled with Sony fans, if you praise an article located in the 360 section, you still get a ton of disagrees from the Sony fanboys who invade it.

Fanboys need to stick to their console of choice's articles!

beans3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Sony fan boys are the most jealous, spiteful, insecure idiots ever to grace gaming. They for whatever reason think video games started with playstation and 360 fans care about PS3. This is ODst news and regardless of how much you love your PS3's we could honestly careless about anything that has to do with Sony. You guys have nothing on halo nothing so you come here to talk it down and think that graphics or gears of war clone multiplayer can somehow give you something close. There's so much goodness heading to 360 to the point where I laugh every time you jealous fanboys attack it. This is a perfect score for a game that deserves it so go cry as the numbers add up and you wish there were a game on PS3 this big.

edit flaimbait: Yep and your another one. All you do is spin it but you know deep down inside your jealous of everything 360. scram kiddo

Oh and i agreed with you on accident

FlameBaitGod3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Beens in right!, we are getting more halo games! and getting A LOT OF EXCLUSIVES! which r!................. forza 3!(which I will buy),splinter cell! and....... thats good... we dont need more games!

PS3 fanboys are freaking jelous cus we get to pay 60 bucks for 3 new maps, 1 gamemode that doesnt have matchmaking and a 4 hour campaign!

Just look at all the games we got this year!
forza 3!, Halo wars!, Ninja Blade and halo ODST, l4d2 $ section 8!!!!!

While the jelous ps3 fan boys only got killzone 2, Little Big planet, demonsouls, uncharted 2, infamous, ninja gaiden sigma 2, africa, buzz, GOW collection, katamari 4 ever, MLB2009, R&C

season0073253d ago

I recall Dynasty Warriors Series Get a repetitive rating on gameplay...and yet bungie get a FREE PASS on Halo 3:ODST

Now i know what biased means...

jessupj3253d ago

I think you'll find most PS3 fanboys arn't actually bashing ODST. Well at least I'm not, but I concider myself a sony fan and not an immature fanboy. We're just a little pissed at the reviewers that are seeming to give this game a free pass. Like we keep saying if it was sold as an expansion at $40 most of us wouldn't have a problem with a score of 9. But I guess you guys will soon be playing it and can judge for yourself. Will be interesting if you guys would still give it a 9 as well or if feel somewhat betrayed by the reviews.

And no I'm not scared of halo, not in the slightest. I'm pretty confident UC2 will recieve many GOTY awards anyway. If this was on the PS3 I honestly wouldn't pick it up, not because it's a bad game, (it looks like a solid title imo) but because there's much better games coming out on my system of choice. However if I was a 360 only owner I actually would most likely pick this up because it would be the best thing I've seen in a while.

paul03883252d ago

And Halo is their most favoritist franchise of all time, so of course there's nothing wrong with it. 9.5!!! Woo Hoo.

Yeah Right.

OXM giving it a 9.5, is it really that surprising?

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dreamcast3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )


9.5 out of 10 should be reserved for the highest echelon of games, not "nice pacing and fun co-op" expansions. The reviewers rating ODST this high are basically saying "I really like it when you recycle old material, please do it more".

The game is clearly around an 8 (which btw is a good score), so I find it s... oh, wait... this is OXM. Nevermind.

RadientFlux3253d ago

shouldn't you be in my basement collecting dust

tatotiburon3253d ago

9/10 from IGN, the same site that gave 9.5/10 to uncharted 2

poopsack3253d ago

so? within all of the fanboyism in these halo topics, what he says does hold some truth, 9/10 used to be something devs had to work hard for, but it seems that it can just be handed out now, hey a couple of faults but hey, 9/10

TOSgamer3253d ago

Yeah its pretty amazing that they gave a game this light on new content an almost perfect score. But I said the same thing when some sites were claiming Left for Dead which has even less content and worse graphics a GOTY nominee. Valve gets away with selling almost no content and packing old content with some new content and charging full price (Orange Box) why shouldn't Microsoft.

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Raider693253d ago

So if they are giving 9 and 9.5/10 to ODST i must suppose that HALO REACH will blow the charts?Keep the good work BUNGIE,but i realy dont agree on the score at least from what i have played so far!

KionicWarlord2223253d ago

Well this will not go well. Due the majority`s opinion .

darkequitus3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

That is why I am staying out of this one.

Those who sat nuff said for OXM, we will discount Playstation Magazine too.

Brock Danger3253d ago

Yea, this whole thing is going to be a bubble holocaust.