IGN: Halo: The Many Looks of the Covenant

Despite Bungie's insistence that gamers "Finish the Fight", games of Halo 3 have been raging nonstop for the past two years. Whether charging through the campaign on Legendary or splattering a few newbs in online deathmatches, no one seems very interested in finishing the fight.

And they're about to have even less reason to do so. Halo 3: ODST, a companion piece to Halo 3, hits stores this week. Gamers will now take on the role of the Rookie as he joins a squad of ODST troops in defense of New Mombasa. The heroes might have changed, but the Covenant is a large and ominous as ever.

To help refresh your memory on the enemies you'll be facing, IGN has put together a list of the Many Looks of the Covenant.

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