Capcom: new Street Fighter sequel coming soon

Japan's Street Fighter IV Blog has just posted an announcement that a new sequel is "coming soon."

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ErcsYou3165d ago

Street Fighter 4 Super Turbo Double Dash Deluxe Championship Edition : First Strike..
Im game..

SupaPlaya3165d ago

with custom clothing, stickers, and exclusive handband. All sold separately of course. Batteries not included.

Prototype3165d ago

Personally these are my all time favorite Street Fighter games:

SF 2
SF2H (the jp only that was later released on ps2/xbox)
SFA3 (all versions)
SF3 3rd Strike

I'm sure this will be something like: Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha Hyper Future Edition with 0 new characters and 9 new colors

And I though the sequel to SF4 was Street Fighter 3.....

Reibooi3165d ago

Personally I hope it's not a slightly revised version of 4 like they used to do in the past. To be honest I don't think they could get away with that in this day and age.

What I hope it is is something along the lines of Street Fighter Alpha 4 and they put a crap load of characters into it. That was my main complaint with 4 was lack of characters and they can fix that with a Alpha version.

Sarcasm3165d ago

"To be honest I don't think they could get away with that in this day and age"

ODST Says Hello.

Left4Dead 2 says Hello.

dreamcast3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Street Fighter 4: ODST. 2 new playable characters that you can't play online with. $60 kthx.

@below: you're crazy... that song made the game.

INehalemEXI3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

If they get rid of Indeeestructable theme song and insert the SSFIITHD Remix intro music .. along with other equally important upgrades its a done deal.

njr3165d ago

Street Fighter IV: Fourth Strike.

Baka-akaB3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

lack of characters ? it had 6 news ones (gouken , rufus , abel , el fuerte , gouken , seth , crimson viper) all with very different styles , and at least 4 from "non-official" street fighter games .

It could have been more , but it was hardly lacking .

I agree thought that a "dash" version needs loads of content to justify it's existence , and i'm betting it will .

rockleex3165d ago

Think about it.

World Tour Mode (online/offline)
Dramatic Mode (online/offline)
Final Boss Mode
Tag Team Mode (online/offline)

World Tour Mode Online would be crazy! Imagine tuning up your character's stats and abilities online. Its like an MMO!

Reibooi3159d ago


While ODST may not be worth the 60 dollars they are asking for the game does add ALOT more then what would be added in a Super Street Fighter IV. I mean it would basically be like 2 or 3 new characters a new level or 2(Who cares) new music(who cares) re balancing(Only people who do tournament games would care)

However you got me on Left for Dead 2 however Valve didn't really get away with that because alot of people complained and even tried to boycott them so as I said I don't think they would get away with adding a character or two and saying ok $60 please. It should AT MOST be a $5 DLC pack and that't it.

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Serjikal_Strike3165d ago

it always happens..if the game does good in sales ..a sequel is sure to better be more than 2 new characters

Pen Pooh3165d ago

SF 2: Championship Edition was the best. I'm keen to see a Street Fighter IV equivalent.

3sq3165d ago

Here we go again.

Street Fighter 4 Turbo
Super Street Fighter 4
Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo
Super Street Fighter 4 Full-HD Remix
Street Fighter 4 Double Impact
Street Fighter 4 3rd Strike
Street Fighter 4.5

xXKingofStingXx3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I'm all for an SF sequel, i loved IV (Only 18% away from a platinum trophy!) but if all you're going to give me are a few new stages and a couple of new characters then why not just make it DLC for IV? I would love to keep supporting the game and it would just be so much better to pick and chose what i want rather than paying 60 bones for a game i already own and lose all the DLC i already paid for. Just saying Capcom, times are tough, cut me a break here!

3sq3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

It is actually DLC but they are gonna do it like Halo 3 ODST, sell an expansion as a full game, more profit win win...for them. Be prepare for the DLC of DLC will be announced even before the Sequel is released. Mark my word.

Edit: Oh and let's not forget about all the "new modes" already on disc...which will cost you $$$

xXKingofStingXx3165d ago

Yeah thats what i figured they were going to do and i don't agree with ODST either but it was just wishful thinking. Capcom seems bent on milking as much dough out of people as possible this generation.

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