OTX: More Than 1 In 2 ODST 'Intenders' Want CoD: MW2, Too

It appears publishers were wise to move key titles from the holiday season -- the average gamer will buy three games over the period, and new data suggests that more than half of Xbox 360-exclusive Halo 3: ODST purchasers will give their second spot to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

So says OTX's GamePlan Insights, which finds Halo 3: ODST continuing to lead U.S. consumer game purchase intent this month, as it has since the beginning of summer.

"This widespread consumer interest for a $60 'expansion' is a testament to the staying power of the franchise and the high expectations generated by the folks at Bungie," says GamePlan's Nick Williams.

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RockmanII73225d ago

I thought the number would be higher.

chak_3224d ago

absolutly, for me it'll be like 10 from sept to dec. :D