PSX extreme: Gran Turismo PSP Review

This Gran Turismo game, while fun, does a whole lot of things wrong.

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randomwiz3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

people are reviewing this game way to seriously. If you look at the NFS shift psp reviews, they're higher than this, even though they don't deserve to be.

Whats a racing campaign on a psp game? In shift, they're a bunch of races, as soon as you complete one, you can do the other. It barely has a story behind it, yet gt psp get criticized for not having one, compared to the mediocre racing campaign in shift

I put down NFS Shift for the psp literally 2 hours after playing it.

Racing graphics and physics on gt psp are way better than shift, but that doesn't play a big role in review score? But shift on the psp has to be one of the worst looking, worst playing games on the psp. NFS most wanted for the psp had 100x better graphics than shift.

NOTE: I might be playing a different version of shift, because from what it played so far - its a 6/10

ON TOPIC: Wait.... this is the most biased review I have ever seen. 8/10 for graphics? What was this guy expecting, console graphics?

SupaPlaya3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

therefore people are disappointed. Still it's surprising that this PS site is not cutting the game any slack.

I don't think people were expecting a good NFS, so they are pleasantly surprised in contrast.

gemc6663166d ago

yeah, the game is good, but we have to admit, GT psp don't feel like a GT game, in fact, put another game, change the menus and we have a normal racing game

also, only 4 cars on tracks? :/

saint_john_paul_ii3166d ago

"also, only 4 cars on tracks? :/"

Highly Graphical game running at 60fps on a portable. sounds pretty plausible to me.

Greywulf3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )


So why does it come off as a shock come review time? The game is intended to be a party game. From Polyphony themselves, or something to do when in transit on a train/taxi/plane. If none of that was said, and this game launched I'd say he had a valid point.But the problem is PD delivered exactly what they said they would deliver.

People have a problem reviewing sony products, and its pathetic. You review the "coulda woulda buh buh shoulda" and dont review literally what the developer said they were aiming to make. I'm a gigantic GT fan, no way in hell i was buying a PSP version in the first place because:

1. I cant use a wheel
2. The graphics suck
3. I cant use a wheel
4. No Upgrades
5. Not going to play a PSP for hours upon hours as I do a console game.

Even with a career mode and upgrades, I'd just play GT4 instead. Which is another thing PD said, you cant really get a true GT experience from a psp. Which is why they decided to just make a fun driving pick up and play for short periods game.

PD said the game was exactly what was reviewed, minus the Day/buying events. So why review it as GT5/4 (no updated track models wahh)?

cmrbe3166d ago

PSX extreme are anything but forgiving on PS games. Those that claim that they are a PS fanboy site are wrong. These guys generally are very hard on PS games. I haven't seen them give ten's as much as x360 sites does for x360 titles.

SupaPlaya3165d ago

as I have read their PS game reviews before, I was still expecting an 8 from them for some reason.

Mr Logic3165d ago

I'm just glad there aren't any complaints about the controls.

Anyone think it would be cool to use a PSP with GT PSP as a rear view mirror for GT5?

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foreverflame3166d ago

And there you have it folks Another flop for the sony family.

Lord_Ranos3166d ago

Its really hard to sort out the flps on playstation cause there arent any. While 360 is the perfect Flop machine.
Ninja Blade
Darkest of Days
Star Ocean
Section 8
Raven Squad
Fatal Inertia
Infinite Undiscovery
The Last Remnant

happyface3166d ago

wow, a Gran Turismo game failing this bad is unexpected (to me at least)

gemc6663166d ago

it's not fail, it not a bad game, it just doesn't feel like GT

Christopher3166d ago

When is a 7.5 a fail? It's thinking like this that's caused the big review sites to only score between 8 and 10.

happyface3165d ago

7.5 is an epic fail when it comes from a SONY BLOG


Sarcasm3165d ago

"7.5 is an epic fail when it comes from a SONY BLOG "

PSXtreme isn't a Sony Blog.

gemc6663165d ago

is not a sony blog, is not even official, is just a fan site, but in fact, all the sites should be like that one, they review a game without caring about the brand, is all about the game

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corywebb933166d ago

I rather play gallop racer 2 than this flop

Lord_Ranos3166d ago

Your stupidity is just amazing.

dreamcast3165d ago

PD should have just used all their resources on GT5.

AnonUser55553165d ago

Once again Dreamcast, I really think you're delusional if you think that GT5 will suffer at all because of resources put toward GT PSP.

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