TechUnion: Worst Halo yet - Halo 3 ODST Review

Ali writes: "I mean it when I say Halo 3 ODST is the worst Halo I have ever played, in fact it's on my list of huge disappointments and over-hyped games as well. For shame Bungie, for shame."


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IcyJoker1873165d ago

Not a 9.0!?!? Oh must be a no name site, moving on..........

KionicWarlord2223165d ago

lol...everyone has a opinion .

A lot of mixed reviews have now affected my decision to buy this game.


NewNameNow3165d ago

Yeah this game doesn't deserve a 9.0. It got what it deserved, it's nothing but a recycled game.

Lfmesquite3165d ago

Even Edge and all those 360 fanboy sites won't be able to tilt this one. Mixed reviews it's getting, it's just an expansion.

Serjikal_Strike3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Lmao...we've been saying this all along!

This is far beyond the most over rated game in history!

EDIT: thnx wxer(bubbles 2 u)

disagrees = bot RAGE

Saaking3165d ago

it's not mixed reviews. It's sites that got paid and sites that didn't. This will make it much easier to separate the real reviewers from the fanboys. This site, for example, is run by gamers not fanboys.

gamesR4fun3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

'This should have been released as an expansion rather than it's own game. I'm a big fan of Halo but this game was not entertaining at all.'

imo the good reviews r going to do more harm than good. Jus think about all those guys that buy this and feel ripped off you think they gonna want reach?

The-Warranty3165d ago

Wonder what Gamespot gives it.

HolyOrangeCows3165d ago

Are you joking? They're running ODST advertisement. It's OBVIOUS what they're going to vote it (The reviewer will be too frightened of being fired to give it a low score).

(Remember Kane and Lynch?)

3165d ago
Bzone243165d ago

Who would have thought there'd be more ps3 fanboys here? Seems they have more of a stake in whether this game is good or not than anyone.

The-Warranty3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Meh, posting some blog by one person at Destructoid doesn't really mean much.

Edit.......Its not really proving his point since I can go into a Gran Turismo PSP or a Gran Turismo 5 article and find the same Butthurt 360 fans

So your constant parading of that article claiming one group of fanboys is worse than the other is actually quite laughable ^_^

Yes my avatar and name is no different than 360 fans naming themselves Waitstation, Patchstation, PS3 eternal 3rd so on and so on

BlackTar1873165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

okay. Halo is not my game the 1st one was one of the best FPS ever to me but not 2 and 3 but come on guys everyone has there own opinon and i will still be buying this game. But its safe to assume that its the $60 price tag thats making people upset and i understand that but its just a review and i never condone sales because thats a catch 22 yeah you can say look how many people bought it but you have to conform with that line of thought. Titanic best movie ever and Wii sports best game ever now with that said its overrated to me after #1 but there are still over a million people that play it so i has to be good generic or not like or dislike it alot of people play it so its not as bad as this site makes it out to be. but sales are sales troll's use them.

Dont rob me for my opinion please : )

JOY the fact you use the word FACt and link a opinion piece is extremley telling and laughable and tis funny how you think one is worse then the other you are one of the worse lol and what side are you on.

Im no ps3 or 360 only gamer i play eveything and i know the guy who wrote that piece is one of the most bias people on the planet the fact you have a bunch of xbox fans agreeing is laughable and kinda funny when you ref. the article in with that. XBOX fanboys write articles pointing the finger at everyone else that is hilarious to say the least. That was just a funny people i wasnt using that as a put down but more of a point of ref. to go with my comment.

i mean i dont want to get in the middle but if your gonna claim middle ground be about middle ground and not pretending to be there by floating with your feet off the ground lol.

Play all games people your doing yourself a disservice and your doing the developers who work hard to supply your hobby a disservice and it all may come back to bite you later


Bereaver3165d ago

As I've said before, this is microsoft.

Microsoft is a monopolizing company.

They aim for your pocket, IF, they know you will buy.

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NewNameNow3165d ago


I'm not a 360fanboy or a PS3fanboy, I have games I like on both consoles, I have thinks I hate about both consoles. I'm a gamer so if the game was good I would have said it was. But in my honest opinion this is a sub-par expansion, nothing more.

Considering there are next to no improvements, It's damn short, and it's priced at $60 I don't think many people will be too happy buying it. That is all I was trying to get across.

ReviewsArePolitics3165d ago

And pretty decent, it seems that he didn't want to make anyone cry so he gave it a "decent" 7.5 out of 10.

BlackTar1873165d ago

that comment wasn't directed at you but the commentors . I respect your opinion 100% i think others should as well. Your opinion doesn't have to match mine and im completely cool with that. I suggest like you feel that people drop this BS its a game have fun thats what this hobby is about. I think you have more then enough good reasons for your score no justifications needed and to me a 7.5 deserve a play thorough but people treat it like it doesn't or this and that tit for tat bs if you like it play it if you don't try it you may. People are free to voice there opinion i just wish it was in a more mature way but unfort. you cant say anything for fear of putting wrong image of oneself out there and be accused of something your not. Like people with uncharted just doesn't make any sense . you make your own decisions and i respect that. Keep it up and Game On.

lokiroo4203165d ago

once again joy shows his face, not to talk about the game, but to bring this into a fanboy debate, I dont blame you joy, I dont feel the need to talk about this overhyped piece of trash either.

The-Warranty3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Haha I have a weak response yet I gave you examples on how no fanboy is worse than the other. But you want to believe so bad Son fans are the worst. Its okay JOY I guess this review brought your spirits down.

WenisWagon3165d ago

Very true. And considering the other Halo games were horrible, this is really saying that ODST is complete garbage.

4Sh0w3165d ago

A reveiwer who admits he didn't even finish the game yet. Its not like its a 100 hr rpg, wtf?

and yet he already made a review. Worst many of you approve of this review, I'm just wondering would you be so willing to accept a similiar review in relation to a ps3 game under the same circustances?

ShabzS3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

From the review:

"Your objective is to find out what happened and how. Other than that there isn't too much going on, I didn't make it too far through the campaign while testing the game out so I'm not sure if it got any more serious or in-depth. Moving on."


AllSystemsRocks3165d ago

Seriously you are the greatest ps3 fanboy i ever seen... come on move on... Why are you all affected by Halo... ? Why the need to bash the game if you don't like it find some likes it. Halo is a great shooter like Killzone was one, I prefer Killzone btw but all plateform have good games if you like find or if you don't find too but bashing continiously a console wake up... If you are older than 20 and you are like that just WOW ! Halo, Gears, Uncharted, Killzone, Punch-Out, Metroid ... all great games period !

The-Warranty3165d ago

I don't know what conversation your reading but I'm not bashing Halo

Need some glasses?

Sarcasm3165d ago

Oh not a 9.

"When was a 7.5 considered a bad game?"


Elven63165d ago

Horrible review that isn't even in depth at all. Hell, in the comments section you even brag about not finishing the game!

"Do you really think everyone who reviews games completes them? I'm giving my opinion as someone who just jumped in the game to people who are likely going to do the same thing."

Judging by the title I see you did this for hits in turn for ad money. The lengths some people go to now adays for a hit.

aueslander3165d ago

...a Halo review less than a 9 is from a site that is unbiased and run by gamers but a site that gives it a 9 or higher is OBVIOUSLY being paid off by MS.

I hate fanboys, I really do.

Well, regardless of the reviews, within the first month about 5 million or so people will be playing on their 360s so, as long as those millions upon millions are enjoying it who cares what the review scores are?

vhero3164d ago

I think this game is actually doing us all a favour its showing us who the real reviewers are and who the reviewers on MS payroll/caught in the hype are.

Zack Sawyer3164d ago

Who are the real reviewers then? They seem to keep on changing depending on what game and platform they are reviewing.

How can we tell with Microsofts power of brainwashing and Sony's control over the internet?

And where is Nintendo in all of this? Have they planted bugs in all of our pets to find out what the casual gamer wants?

DevastationEve3164d ago

At Saaking:

So the other article where GameReactor gives Uncharted 2 an 8/10 is just them being honest and not being fanboys, right?

Works both ways ;)

ShadowCK3164d ago

Halo 3: ODST easily deserves a 9/10. All reviewers who have creditability like GameTrailers, IGN, GameSpot and Edge have given Halo 3: ODST a 9/10. (8.9 is basically a 9.0)

Has anyone actually heard of TechUnion? I've never heard of them.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I totally agree with the score. Props to the reviewer.
EDIT: Look at those disagrees ahahaha. Butthurt bots cant accept the fact that their precious Fail-o STD is a flop.
"Bu-bu-bu-but the sales!!!!" -XFlops

-GoldenTimeLover-3165d ago

Who's that girl in your avatar? She looks beautiful.

EpicGamerSwordsman3165d ago

Non Biased Review. Proper Score aswell

Kill Crow3164d ago

because Uncharted 2 flopped out with an 8 ... AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Smacktard3165d ago

Worst Halo yet? That's like saying "The worst poop I've ever had" IMO.

NegativeCreep4273165d ago

No matter what you do, you just can't quite polish a turd. You can try though. Bungie certainly has tried.

NewNameNow3165d ago


Mythbusters did it

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