Need for Speed gets remade as authentic racing sim - G&M reviews Need for Speed: Shift

After years spent exploring the world of illegal street racing, Electronic Arts' long-lived Need for Speed series of racing games has taken a detour in Need for Speed: Shift, a surprisingly authentic racing simulator that leads players through a series of sanctioned, professional racing competitions. No criminals and no corny stories; just real-world cars racing on closed courses at breakneck speeds in front of bleachers filled with roaring audiences.

While Shift has arcade-like tendencies, it leans heavily toward the simulation style made popular by Sony's Gran Turismo games. The game uses the results of a single practice lap at the outset of the career mode to modify a wide variety of difficulty settings, from opponent intelligence to whether anti-lock braking and electronic stability control systems should be switched on. Once in the game players can change these settings at any point to make their cars handle more or less authentically.

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Tone Marley3219d ago

After playing this game for a week it is clear that this is NO SIM. This game was on its way. but EA got scared and changed the formula at the last minute.

The result is less than stellar. The physics are clearly as arcade like as GRID.

The leaderboards are broken and almost no one can drive multiplayer.

The physics are so much NOT sim that you can literally throw your cars into the turns.

Graphical glitches abound
The AI is retarded and belligerent
The Online is a crash fest

To call this game SIM in the slightest is a travesty!

Hurry up Forza3!