Smash Bros Brawl rumours

Rumours have been circulating that the release date for the upcoming Wii title Smash Bros Brawl is soon to be announced, along with another playable character familiar to Nintendo fans.

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Torch4230d ago

This game should be fun.

iceice1234230d ago

But Tingle as a playable character, wtf? Needs battletoads, imo.

calderra4230d ago

Just pleeease optimize it for the Gamecube controller instead of the wand. Everyone I know that's interested in this game also really doesn't want to be flailing around trying to paly this- enough people have already been elbowed or accidentally hit with a controller without adding in actual flailing of arms to the mix.

ItsDubC4230d ago

Every tidbit I've read about the game indicates that it will NOT use the motion-sensing controller capabilities of the Wii, as it just isn't appropriate for this type of game.

ITR4230d ago

I hear it won't use the typical motion control just shake control.
Like used in Metal Slug. You shake to toss grenades.

sumfood4u4230d ago

1st I'd never lose to his camoflauge tidy whity but. 2nd why isn't Toadstool an Croak final boss from SB2 in here. 3rd Bring Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles into the mix, for a smashing good time! Believe it!

ITR4230d ago

I could see Sonic and Tails in this game.

Maybe even Dr. Robotinik.