Gamereactor (Finland) : Katamari Forever Review

Tero Kerttula writes "Given that the Katamari Forever is the fourth part in the series, the game has changed surprisingly little along the way. Half of the fields are exactly the same building as the planet's past, even the environment have not experienced major changes.Another new element, the other half is made up of Forever, alternative tasks, which katamara is intended to irrigate the lawn, for example, to make the light source was the collection of flies, or keep the Goblet Katamari stepped forward ardently time limit until the end.Alternative targets are the nice thing in itself, but the game play they do not change anything."

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ReviewsArePolitics3041d ago

IT's the same game all over again. Considering I already bought it on PS2 and iPhone, I'll pass.

Greywulf3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

so im sure its a must buy. Considering the Quality of Uncharted.


curlycare3041d ago

In fact it's 2 points lower than Uncharted 2, which received 9/10 from the finnish Gamereactor.Although other G-Reactor sites may have given it a different score.