How to get a 35 per cent faster PC for $50

Globe and Mail game columnist reports on how System Mechanic 9 impacted his system's performance. From the story:

System cleansed and in prime operating condition, I ran 3DMark Vantage again…and achieved some very impressive results.

My Firebird's overall performance score jumped to P6571 3DMarks, an improvement of more than 35 per cent. Meanwhile, its CPU and Graphics scores went from 9120 to 11170 and 4100 to 5778, respectively (again, higher numbers are better).

Of course, the real proof is in actual game performance.

So I loaded up the strategy game World in Conflict and ran its built-in graphics benchmark. The result was an increase of about 12 frames per second over what I had recorded when I ran the test shortly after first unboxing the machine. Impressive, to say the least.

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TheIneffableBob3220d ago

With a modern operating system and modern hardware, these system optimizers don't really do much. Only situation where they'd help is if your system is absolutely loaded to the rim with junk. Seeing 452 errors in the registry might seem impressive and you might think cleaning them would give a big performance boost, but in reality, the performance increase is very minimal. The Windows registry is very resilient, ensuring that erroneous entries don't slow down your computer.

NRG3220d ago

Not to mention 500 registry entries is probably <10mb worth of data. None of them probably having to anything related to game execution.

vhero3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


trgz3219d ago

I'd say it'd be a helluva lot less - my rather full of junk 'n' games PC has a Hkey_current_user reg file (ntuser.dat) of 20MB (yup, it's big but it's not causing any problems)

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menoyou3220d ago

Spam article. Reported

wAtdaFck3220d ago

This is like advertising. Like they say, the best things in life are free.

Download CCleaner if your looking for a community supported, FREE registry cleaner

TABSF3220d ago

ccleaner and defraggler ftw

Nihilism3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

thanks dude, i have them both now, does defraggler do the ram fix as mentioned above also?

sukru3220d ago

And I don't think you need it.

If you have RAM issues, it's better to get some new sticks from newegg. (I'm sure you can get an extra 4GB for less than $50 during holiday season).

Nihilism3220d ago

i don't have any ram errors...that i know of, i never get bluescreen or any other errors, but i thought that it couldn't hurt to have a program to check, is memtest any good?

sukru3220d ago

Let memtest86+ run for a day. It is almost sure to find even the most obscure errors on your RAM.

TABSF3219d ago

np dchalfont.

I only use the free software, also on win 7 RC lol, games and hardware is only were my money go

Also check out "file hippo" for a wider range of free software.

I think everything is free, 100% legit site anyway.

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dredgewalker3220d ago

I dont trust these things....too many people over the internet trying to take advantage of the average consumer.

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