Gamereactor (Finland) : Halo 3 ODST Review

Jori Virtanen writes "However, it does not have any reason to believe the dim view of me, since Halo 3 ODST is perhaps the best of what the Halo trilogy has to offer."

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FiftyFourPointTwo3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Nice score. Truly AAA. /s

Murilo3225d ago

So this is why they rated Uncharted 2 an 8!
Everything's crystal clear now

SnuggleBandit3225d ago

Serously why do we have to see every gamereactor review?? It's just bringing the average score of the game down! Which i'm sure some will be happy about, but i'm not that big of a fanboy.

BadboyCivic3225d ago

Does that mean ODST is just as good as Uncharted 2?
has anyone played the game yet?
are these personal views that could be bias?
where is gamespot review?

deadreckoning6663225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I thk people are taking this WAYY WAYY out of proportion? I thk some people need to ask themselves why its sooo important for Uncharted 2 to get a 9 or above in EVERY review site. In the end, how does ONE persons opinion ruin ur gaming experience?

Sarcasm3225d ago

"If I decide to get UC2...
it'll be used... "

First you would need a PS3. Stop claiming you have one. Anyone who really has a PS3 either

A. Thinks it's OK
B. Loves it

PS3 owners don't actually HATE it as much as you do.

Viper73225d ago


Yeah I agree if some1 decides to post review scores from gamereactor, IGN or any other similar media with multiple regions with their different reviewers they should be all in one.


Gamereactor sweden =/= Gamereactor Finland, Finnish one hasnt reviewed Uncharted2 yet. However I wouldn't take Joni Virtanen's reviews with too much attention. He's very "radical" with his reviews as you can probably see from his other reviews like
Prototype 4/10
The Conduit 4/10

but this is just my opinion.

rockleex3225d ago

As long as he justifies his score pretty well in the review.

But he didn't, at least for Uncharted 2. Haven't read his other ones.

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Max Power3225d ago

is every gamereactor country site going to be submitted?

TheColbertinator3225d ago

There are only 4.

And yes if the contributors want to.All Gamereactor sites have different staff just like Eurogamer UK,Eurogamer Portugal,Eurogamer Italy,Eurogamer Spain,Eurogamer Italy,etc.

Also Game Pro has several offshoots like Game Pro Spain and Game Pro Germany.

Max Power3225d ago

that's fine then, because I was afraid it would be every PAL country.

NeoSprtacus3225d ago

I'm not sure Eurogamer Italy and Eurogamer Italy have different staff... but I understand where you're coming from! ;)

I agree with 2 though (if it's what he originally meant to post) in that there are too many reviews coming through here. I just want a way to compile the [site name here with counterparts] into one review site/blog, that lists them all.

I just don't like having all of my daily news (since newspapers baffle me) being lists of reviews... We need compilation!

Flawza Motorputt 33225d ago

This is pretty much a flop. Unless we need confirmation from Gamereactor (Antarctica), but we don't. That would just be insult to injury.

GiantEnemyCrab3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I am definately going to get my 360 gaming advice from someone called Flawza.. Jim Sterling thanks you!

CreepyB3225d ago

what happened to all the tens this game was supposed to get?.

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