Microsoft's 'Minority Report' Predictions

In the near future, consumers will be playing videogames without controllers, giving directions to lifelike avatars and waving files from screen to screen a la "Minority Report," according to Microsoft.

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KionicWarlord2223250d ago

“There are a lot of amazing opportunities in there,” he said. “As they said, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

LOL...sounds like he`s singing.

"you aint seen nothing yet !!!!"

3250d ago
KionicWarlord2223250d ago

Chill out man .

He was just answering a question .

HolyOrangeCows3250d ago

Anyway, I'm sure as heck not going to be playing games exclusively by waving my arms around.

Good job, now I'm listening to Bach. Dang it...

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PandemicPrawn03250d ago

And the "true" value of the Natal interface has been demonstrated.

The business world is where the real money for this tech will be made.

Games are just a lucky side effect,

Milo looks to have been some kind of tech demo or precursor for this “Digital Assistant Guy”

Microsoft are on to something big here.

KionicWarlord2223250d ago

Microsoft obviously going to put it in other devices .



PandemicPrawn03250d ago

Zune connectivity? I would think so.

This has gone way beyond waving your arms around playing Tetris in your living room, Microsoft have been thinking big with this.

"the oohs and ahs started when Mr. Mehdi demonstrated a digitally optimized work space, what he called a next-generation user interface. He moved objects around and expanded them via touch-screen surfaces — “like you’ve seen on various devices,” he said — but also scanned an article simply by holding it up to a wall-sized screen, and pinched a photo from his cellphone, then “placed” it on the larger screen."

"A “digital assistant guy,” who he called Dag, appeared on the screen and responded more or less like a human, not a computer, when Mr. Mehdi asked for information or responded to follow-up queries. A colleague who he called appeared on-screen and then shared diagrams by gesturing to them."

Gamers seem to forget that the Xbox is just a small part of what Microsoft are about.

KionicWarlord2223250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Microsoft`s "Pre alpha " "Surface" i would say .

GiantEnemyCrab3250d ago

So does that mean when you mod your 360 and pirate games a ball will roll into a shoot and then Ninja's will be at your house?

And this will happen before you even mod it!

scary indeed!

Close_Second3250d ago

...that said we'd never need more than 640k of memory.

I also thought they had tried getting rid of the mouse as well...and that fights going real well.

Sarcasm3250d ago

This is the same company that said... ah n/m, the list would be too long.

kaveti66163250d ago

Dude, I was just watching clips of an old gamer show that used to be on G4 or something like that, and it's from 1998. And the host was talking about how they had built a powerful gaming computer that had 128 MB of SDRAM, and she was like, "Most games only require about 64 MB and I swear you will never need more than that to play games." Obviously, the future has proven otherwise, but that's expected. Anything can change, and the power of computers has been growing at a hyperbolic rate.

kws10653250d ago

the technology from Minority Report is more similar to the Sony's motion controller. How do I know? Because Tom uses light-emitting glove to recognize the hand jestures, just like PSeye recognizing the light from motion controllers.

Of course there are some points where Tom only uses hands without lights, but most of the time the lights work.

Somehow, Sony manages mic-like controllers into gloves (emitting lights at the fingertip), you will see very similar action has done in the movie.

DuneBuggy3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I think if the movie was made today,Speilberg would have had Cruise operate his computer without any sort of "virtual reality glove".
Or maybe he did but wanted the audience to relate to some sort of appratus to explain how hes doing it.
I felt the computer interaction was one of the least high tech things I saw in that movie. that doesnt mean it wasnt impressive, but compared to some of the other stuff you see......

kws10653250d ago

For example, vertical-travelling car, eye-scanning spider-bot, brain-scanning etc. Computer interface is really nothing comparing to them haha

BTW, speaking of UI, for now it looks more practical to use emitting light in terms of accuracy and precision.

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