GamesRadar: Demon's Souls Review

GamesRadar writes: "For every moment we spent screaming at our TV and throwing our controller we had four moments of awe. Demon's Souls is the scrappiest, hardest and best RPG released so far on the PS3 – and, in our opinion, it's one of the best we'll see on any console this generation".

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ThatCanadianGuy3197d ago

This is harsh
Evaluate me

(Inside joke) :P

callahan093197d ago

Heh. Nice. That was definitely the most common comment I would see. Either that or "Real Demon's Souls starts here."

LarVanian3197d ago

10/10 for Uncharted 2 and a 9/10 for Demon's Souls from GamesRadar.
October 2009 is definitely one of the best months for PS3 yet.

budbundystyles3197d ago

My inner dungeon whore is moaning for this. 14 more days til pwng!

cmrbe3197d ago

and now its up there with the big PS3 games of 2009 which is a huge huge feat. What really attracted me to this game its is reputation for being extremely difficult. I love uncompromisingly hard games.

Demon is the sleeper hit of 2009 it seems.

budbundystyles3197d ago

I was about to import it when they announced its U.S. release.

DonCorneo3197d ago

only ps3 owner can play one of the best we'll see on any console this generation

no xbots allowed


cmrbe3197d ago

there is alot of reasons why the xbots won't be able to play this game.

1. They are not old enough to play it.
2. This game is long and it would kill their x360 before it finishes.
3. Bots only play games which Halo on it.

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