The Week in News: Epic Fail edition

Gamer Limit writes "This week was the source of many unfortunate failures, starting with our Australian friends who were left seething after Left 4 Dead 2 felt the full force of what has to be the most stringent and out of touch classification board in the world. Seriously, do they not know the meaning of "fun" and "entertainment?" Even the developers shared their disapproval of the pedantic system."

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GrahameG3219d ago

I would feel sorry for you Aussies, but you can keep Koala Bears as pets so really you're winning even when you're losing.

Go Gaming Giant3219d ago

banning games is dumb, just let them be released, if someone wants to play them then they will, if not then they don't have to

xabmol3218d ago

In a Koala Suit!!


Ziriux3219d ago

Yea, a weak week in gaming news indeed. Although, NFL was off to a great start, gaming as always in the month of May is non-existent.

SilverDragon19793219d ago

I don't feel sorry for Aussies. They have kangaroos in their bakc yards. I don't have kangaroos in my back yard.

TheGameLlama3219d ago

Don't forget the "That's not a knoife. THIS is a knoife!" guy!

And throw another shrimp on the barbie!

StartWars3219d ago

The Watchdog report was indeed laughable.

LordStig3218d ago

your cuzzies from across the ditch will help you out.