Gamereactor (Norway) : Halo 3 ODST Review

Asmus Nergaard writes "At some point last year, Microsoft realized that they faced a sleek 2009-autumn.Having delivered a powerful bundle of games every fall since the launch of the Xbox 360 came suddenly a vacuum in 2009.So what do they do then? Bearing an additional package into a full-price game."

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Lfmesquite3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Uncharted 2 8/10
Halo ODST 10/10.

KionicWarlord2223256d ago


They like halo more .

Sunny_D3256d ago

This is Gamereactor(NORWAY). The main Gamereactor gave Halo ODST an 8 as well. But, this score, LOL.

SupaPlaya3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

when the reviewer mention how he's not going to like Uncharted 2's multiplayer anyways compared to Halo and Gears.

I don't see them mention Uncharted 's single player or Uncharted's graphics when doing the ODST review.

table3256d ago

hehe. Unbelievable Gamereactor. All their representatives are out of their minds.

G3TDOWN3256d ago

what they say is MICROSOFT paid Us Microsoft paid Us...

TotalPS3Fanboy3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

They need to fire some of their reviewers.

G3TDOWN3256d ago

It's all run by a dumbazz that bought a website... now he is making money by Microsoft

Turn 10 Studios3256d ago



menoyou3256d ago

Ridiculous. These "professional reviewers" are out of their minds and are destroying the game industry. Why pour your heart and soul trying to make an amazing blockbuster hollywood movie style game with tons of replayability and groundbreaking graphics when you can just make a Halo expansion pack and get better scores/sales?

JonnyBigBoss3256d ago

7 sound guys.

Because Uncharted / Uncharted 2 don't have arguably some of the best music and voice overs in gaming, right? These reviewers were either paid or have serious bias problems.

TotalPS3Fanboy3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

This sh*t is f*ck up.
It ain't cool.

Gamereactor is seriously lacking professionalism.

Turn 10 Studios3256d ago


Back to 8

same as Uncharted 2

Cannot wait

ShabzS3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

odst is as good as the reviews say?.. hmm ? i mean how many reviews with 8's and 9's have come out for it... IGN gave it a 9!! yet you all are still screaming bias.. get a grip.. its clear from most reviewers that the 60$ price tag is in question but the game's quality is pretty solid

and damn uncharted 2 is getting 10 on 10's from almost every site... so this guy gave it an 8 ... wats the big deal ? how does this effect you and uc2's quality ?

FlameBaitGod3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Y wouldnt it get a better score than uncharted ? I has 3 new maps, 1 new game mode and a 4 hour campaign LOL!!!, this 360 fanboys are extreemely blind, they support their 66% failure rate console and paying 4 anything with halo on it LOL!. Paying 20 bucks for 3 new maps, 20 bucks for a new game mode and 20 bucks more for a 4 hour campaign which = 60bucks ROFL!!!!!!! This guys really dont have any good games to play. At least when I buy forza I know it will be worth it

WenisWagon3256d ago

That's being a bit too generous.

prowiew3256d ago

Again. How many halo reviews i have to read?

TheFreak3255d ago

There are different gamereactors. you got Sweden, Denmark and Norway and no Norway is not the capitol in Sweden like some of you guys think. Gamereactor Norway gave Uncharted 2 9/10.... while Gamereactor Denmark gave Uncharted 2 8/10...

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Alcon Caper3256d ago

Approving translated sites hurts me every time. Oh well...

TheColbertinator3256d ago

Sorry.Wish I had a more precise translator

Alcon Caper3256d ago

Not your fault at all. I appreciate you finding the article. And it's all withing N4G Guidelines. I just personally don't like em cause they're sometimes annoying to read.

But thanks for contributing! Bubbles for the hellofit.

TheColbertinator3256d ago

This is Gamereactor Norway,not Gamereactor Sweden.

Also the 10/10 and 5/5 systems of scores are very different.5/5 is more common than 10/10 games since they represent the 95%-100% range.

cranium3256d ago

But they both come up as a perfect score on Metacritic.

TheColbertinator3256d ago

Each site doesn't care about Metacritic.Thy only focus and give you their own reviews.The only other site who cares what the others think is IGN since they own Gamestats

Grandreaper99993256d ago

Didn't I just see a Gamereactor review of Uncharted 2 (8/10)?

Somebody pinch me. Surely this can't be real.

TheBand1t3256d ago

Different Gamereactor. This is Gamereactor Norway. Gamereactor Sweden gave both ODST and Uncharted 2 an 8/10.

Christopher3256d ago

Short campaign game with one extra mode otherwise the same multiplayer as the previous game vs a game that's literally leaped into the next generation and added a whole new multiplayer element.

Anyway, nothing I can do will talk sense into reviewers. Especially reviewers who think 50% of Uncharted 2 should be hard puzzles...

solar3256d ago

this is gonna be good. wheres my popcorn...

TheColbertinator3256d ago

Put away your popcorn.You'll enjoy what happens

solar3256d ago

its like clockwork on this site. look at the 8/10 review for UC2, which im still on the fence to buy, compared to the 8/10 review here for Halo:ODST. the ps3 droids are going crazy calling the site everything under the book. its so laughable.

Destructoid is right. at least on this website. waiting on petition.

solar3256d ago

not only did that article from Destructoid get labeled as "fake" and "flamebait", it was an actual well written "BLOG" piece. ive seen much, much, much worse blogs get approved here as "N4G". its sad that the users/members of this so called "gamer community" didnt accept it. but then again, why criticize the ps3?

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