Uncharted 2 Gamereactor review

Gamereactor has reviewed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: "Conclusion: The people that frequently talk about how "the gaming industry has a long way to go before they reach Hollywood-quality" would have to play through Uncharted 2. Because it will radically change their mind, even Steven Spielberg. This is a nine-hour long journey through a very well-cooked dish consisting of superb storytelling, delightful characters and an entertaining challenge."

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BlazeXXL3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

An 8 out of 10. WTF.. I'm confused.. sound 7? Replayability 7? What were they smoking..

Edit: the strange thing is, the second opinion is a 10/10, with the editor award, so how the f*ck does this work? They only praise the game in the review...

himdeel3046d ago it's like hearing about a 105 year old person passing away "suddenly" in their sleep.

I refuse to click the link :)

kapedkrusader3046d ago

...I knew it was a matter of time before sorry ass gaming sites would start robbing Uncharted 2 of it's true worth. Games should only be reviewed by other game developers. Gaming sites in general are failing.

ErcsYou3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Fantastic storytelling, lovable characters, brilliant presentation, beautiful graphics, good environmental variation, decent multiplayer mode
Somewhat repetitive gunfights, long load times, too few puzzle elements"
Those complaints equal a 8/10??... i smell something fishy...

krouse933046d ago

Hey Dude why would you submit this then?

Lifendz3046d ago

Only three sites matter to me in terms of scores: 1up, Gamespot, and IGN. That's it. Everything else is just fanboy fodder. I base whether or not I should purchase a game based on the aggregiate score that game gets from those sites.

Rigmaster3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

"An 8 out of 10. WTF.. I'm confused.. sound 7? Replayability 7? What were they smoking.. "

They weren't smoking anything. The pathetic little punk who wrote this simply used sound and replayability as the easiest way to try to justify the 8/10 he decided he was going to give the game.

He knew he didn't want to give this PS3 exclusive a 9 or 10/10. But also knew that 7/10 or lower would have just gotten laughed at.

So he picked 8/10.

He obviously couldn't do something as silly as giving graphics a 7/10, so he picked sound and replayability to pad the score down. Most people have crappy little TV speakers and replayability is such a vague category they were the perfect spot to work backwards from the 8/10.

The dimwit most likely didn't even know that the music for the game was done at Skywalker Ranch...

TK4213046d ago

Sounds like the reviewer likes puzzles. He sure left me puzzled on how he heaped all those accolades on the game but gave it an 8/10.

BlazeXXL3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Even though I don't like the score, I submitted it because it is from a pretty big gaming site.

Edit: Wow, someone took a bubble from me. Seriously, why? I'm just submitting this review... And I don't even agree with the score..

Klipz-Wish3046d ago

Score isn't a problem for me at all but what i do wonder about is one of there cons "too few puzzles" as if there is a standard number that should be in the game

DasBunker3046d ago

i bet if this was a ODST review and the score was like 6.5 or something a lot of people would be giving more credibility to this "no-name" site.. (altough i think its a 8-8.5 game based on value)

but anyways i agree uncharted doesnt deserve this score and it doesnt make sense with how they praise the game

FlipMode3046d ago

Hehe..........I'm waiting for Eurogamer's Review.

callahan093046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

The review itself contains some definite contradictions.

He talks about how the multiplayer is unwanted and he would never choose to play it over Gears of War or Halo ODST, but then he talks about how the multiplayer is just as beautiful as the single-player, greatly inspired by the single-player, how it works perfectly, how it's fun, and how it is well-balanced.

Yeah, OK.

So just because you personally didn't feel like Uncharted 1 needed multiplayer, you're going to treat Uncharted 2's multiplayer as though it were tacked on, and ignore the facts that you yourself pointed out, that it's an interesting, unique, well-balanced, well-implemented online component with a large variety of play-types not just deathmatches (all of this is said in the review).

You're going to dock the game points on replayability because you don't want to play its admittedly well-designed multiplayer over a game like Gears of War 2 or Halo ODST (which aren't even available on the PS3 so what's the use in making the comparison)?

He talks about how much better the story is, how much better the graphics are, how all of the new features are well-done, and yet he continuously turns right back around and tries to make it seem like all of these factors aren't important enough to make it worth a better score than he gave the first Uncharted. It's pretty ridiculous.

The second opinion reviewer gave it a 10 out of 10.

Although there was something in the review that was a definite red flag for me. He mentions that load times are a problem. What? This concerns me. Either he's out of his mind, or something's wrong. Because the first Uncharted didn't have any load times. Why would Uncharted 2 have load times? It's worrying if it's true, and its very telling of the reviewer's credibility if it's not true. I don't know if it's true because I haven't played Uncharted 2 yet. But in the multiplayer beta, I can confirm that the load times are just like any other online game. Menu transitions are quick, finding matches is smooth and as quick as you could expect, etc. So what is up with the load times criticism?

Edit: "Somewhat repetitive gunfights" is the main complaint with the single-player. This is an utterly ridiculous complain. I've read the other reviews that have come out for this game so far, and even this review itself prescribes to the notion that the game is constantly throwing exciting set-pieces and intense battles at you that could rival the excitement of any Hollywood blockbuster. With all that going for it, what does "somewhat repetitive gunfights" even mean? You could say that about any action game you want.

bobdog6263046d ago

Not everyone ' going to like this type of game.It' going to be GOTY so don't let the review's mess up your day ok.Your going to see a lot of hater for this game . I wish this was on the 360 but you can't have everything you wan't

KingsofOmega3046d ago

This "review" is just all wrong.

The game is something like 60% gunfights 40% action, not the 90/10 he made out.

Also he gave the playability and 8? From the beta it is definately a 10, same for replayability.

And 7 to sound? I have listened to some of the U2 music and it's fantastic.

This whole review just sems biased to me, condisidering the second opinion gave it a 10/10.

IdleLeeSiuLung3046d ago

The legions of fans demanding that everyone shares their opinion. A score of 9 and above on reviews or else.....

ultimolu3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

...An 8/10?


"Somewhat repetitive gunfights, long load times, too few puzzle elements "

I highly doubt that.

IdleLeeSiuLung: When a score is unjustified, gamers don't have a right to call it out? I just knew it was a matter of time before someone says something as ignorant as that. It has *nothing* to do with sharing opinions. With all the work Naughty Dog put into Uncharted 2, it deserves a 9 or a 10 at best.

Rigmaster3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

"He talks about how the multiplayer is unwanted and he would never choose to play it over Gears of War or Halo ODST,"

In other words yet another pathetic Xbox fan who thinks he's helping Microsoft and his Xbox out by 'reviewing' PS3 games.

You would imagine that anyone who considers themselves a gamer would have enough class and dignity to have no interest in reviewing games for a platform they dislike.

No matter how much Nintendo and Sony fans go at each other, at the end of the day is there is a fundamental level of respect. Sony fans don't go get jobs at gaming sites so they can hand out 8/10s to the next Mario or Zelda because they think it will slow down the Wii and help the PS3. And Nintendo fans don't do the opposite.

Rock Bottom3046d ago

Title should have mentioned that this is --> swedish Game Reactor.

divideby03046d ago

reply.....7.....guess they didnt know there was a stellar MP online setup

a low review like this is like the ODST 9ish BS

TotalPS3Fanboy3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Anyone who have played Uncharted 2 would know that there are no loading time because of the streaming technology. Not only that, there are no "levels." You go continuosely from one place to the next.

This review is fake. He didn't even played it.

shazui1233046d ago

the second opinion review on this site is the final review score my friend. site mod confirms it in the comment section of the site if you read. Just saying you can change the score to what it really is now :)

rucky3046d ago

Just when I thought I was out from being a fanboy...they pull me back in.

G3TDOWN3046d ago

FBI should track this website... they do crack, cocaine, and other drugs

Chuck-Norris3046d ago

This was a rushed review that was poorly written. Its clear that the editors just want to generate buzz to bring more traffic to their site that is in decline. Why the 8 out of 10 you ask? Because this score will be below average compared to the other scores it will attract peoples attention. This will cause people to go to the site from to either complain, agree, or simply feed the flame wars. And that is what this site wants. The more viewers the site has, the more money advertisers will spend on the site therfore making the site profitable. But if you look at the choice of words in the review, he does not bash the game he praises many of its aspects, why? So PS3 owners keep on reading. And then there is the "second opinio" which gives it a 10/10. just to calm all the fans down, but it fails at tht too. So if you believe Uncharted does not deserve this review simply dont click on the link, and wait for the game which is only a couple of weeks away.

3046d ago
BrianC62343046d ago

Did the same site give Halo 3 ODST a 9 out of 10? I can't figure out their review but it looks like it. This is why sites get attacked. Halo is getting old. They seemed to really like Uncharted 2. How can it get an 8?

Rigmaster3046d ago

"They seemed to really like Uncharted 2. How can it get an 8?"

Because the idiot who wrote is a hardcore Xbox fan...reviewing a PS3 exclusive.

Isn't it great having Microsoft and Xbox fans in the console world?

ShadowCK3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

No matter if you like or hate this review, you have to admit it's incredably detailed and very well justified. Uh oh, here come the disagrees! *Ducks into cover*

For those suggesting that there are no load times due to 'Naughty Dog' stating so, that doesn't mean anything. Epic Games said they had many optimizations planned for Gears 2 that would drastically reduce lag issues and they stated during an interview: " us that it's really high on our list of things to make right...." yet they were completely mistaken and sucessfully created another lag fest.

The point I'm trying to make is that no matter how much you adore a game developer like Naughty Dog, You cannot trust game developers all the time.

bnaked3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

OMG TotalPS3Fanboy is right!:
"Anyone who have played Uncharted 2 would know that there are no loading time because of the streaming technology. Not only that, there are no "levels." You go continuosely from one place to the next."

It's a fake review! Burn down the game-reactor office!!!


IdleLeeSiuLung3046d ago

Sorry, but hard work does not equal I should give anyone a free pass. There is nothing ignorant about my statement more than yours.

It is pretty clear that a review is a opinionated piece regardless of what it's intention is. People will have different opinions, and when you learn to accept that you will be much happier rather than flipping out here saying bla bla bla deserves something without even playing the whole game.

menoyou3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Ridiculous. These "professional reviewers" are out of their minds and are destroying the game industry. Why pour your heart and soul trying to make an amazing blockbuster Hollywood movie style game with tons of replayability and groundbreaking graphics when you can just make a Halo expansion pack and get better scores/sales?

They praise the game the entire review and give it an 8/10... REVIEWS ARE POLITICS indeed. As gamers, we need to do something about this.

raztad3046d ago

Well, it begun. I dont know you guys but I'm gonna take it easy.

It's inevitable some crappy sites will try to lower UC2 score, for any reason, just to gain hits or for the sake of pure hatred and fanboyism. Coincidentially ODST is being reviewed at the same time and it's not very surprising to see some sites excusing its flaws and being very generous with the score, it's Halo, MS beloved franchise after all.

Reviewers should be more cautious. I feel many sites, like EDGE, are sinking very deep their credibility. At the end of the day, consumers will try the game and see by themselves what the fuss its all about.

3046d ago
topdawg1223046d ago

His pros and cons don't equate to an 8. The review is fine, but his complaints are very miniscule and frankly ridiculous. From what i read, I don't see how he didn't rate it at least a 9.

randomwiz3046d ago

"A little criticism for long load times"


3046d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

That's what streaming is. Streaming = no load time. Anyone who have played Uncharted 1 will know that. Play Uncharted 2 and you'll know that too. Simple as that.

And also, you shouldn't go around screaming "Burn down the gamereactor office!!!"

And yeah, Gamereactor had crossed a line.
That sh*t is f*ck up.
It ain't cool no more.
Gamereactor is seriously lacking professionalism.

He also just decided that he rather play Gears of War 2's multiplayer and then toss out the whole multiplayer aspect of it, score it as if it's only a single player game. Might as well toss out this review too if they're not even going to attempt to review it fully.

Megaton3046d ago

The load time criticism is a red flag. Uncharted didn't have a single load time past the initial one. It's one of Naughty Dog's signature moves, no loading. I believe they confirmed Uncharted 2 will play the same.

bnaked3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Yes i know what streaming is, i meant that seriously.. Burn it down! ^^

Do you know what? Sh!t on the reviews! Next month, all gamers of the world will praise this game as the game of the year.. Reviews are nothing, the only important thing is our own experience! Let's enjoy Uncharted 2..

Microsoft Xbox 3603046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Sound and Durability? 7? Come on if thats the case, all 360 games should have 5's or lower.

TotalPS3Fanboy3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

LOL. Shoot, I thought you were serious about that whole burning down the office thing.

And yeah, you're right, the most important thing is our own experience (and co-op experience) with Uncharted 2.

But the fact still remains that this review smells very fishy, almost border-lining bullsh*t.

foxtheory3046d ago

It looks like a phenomenal game, and from what I've heard, it is (and some). If this obvious fanboy wants to give this game the score that he did, fine. Let him. We'll still be blowing up international terrorist treasure hunters while he sits back and finds the smallest problems that nobody cares about in first place. Nothing will change my opinion, and this is still a day one buy for me.

SnuggleBandit3046d ago

someone should save the article to their computer so we know when he goes back and changes the "long load time" B.S. that this article and review was total bias crap!

cmrbe3046d ago

I respect peoples opinion if they are resonable. This review is not reasonable. ND games don't have loading times. They load games during cutscenes. ND has done this since Jak&Daxter games. They already confirmed that U2 will be the same.

How do you expect people to respect their opinion when they are absolutely lyeing?.

There is so much crap now in the games review that its not funny anymore.

Take for example KZ2. Reviewrs take so much time in bashing it for not brining something new to FPS and yet Halo 3 ODST with nothing new gets a 9 from Edge and a 7 for KZ2. Why is this?.

This really really pisses me off. Low replaybility?. The SP is longer than U1 and most games SP PLUS MP and yet it has low replayability?.

As a PS fan it pisses me off that the hardwork these amazing Sony devs put into their games is being pissed on by the media and yet when PS fans make a fuss about it we are labled the worst fanboys.

Dirty J3046d ago

u know this site has a Halo community on the start page.....

bias anyone?

aldesko3046d ago

The sad part about this is it would've gotten another perfect score had the other guy reviewed it. If the second opinion is 2 points higher than the real review, the site has issues.

BkaY3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

i dont give a flying rat's azz about reviews.... already pre ordered...
LE.. and cant wait to play it ....

demos are normally deciders for me but if i cant get hold of demos then gameplay videos r enough for me to decide..

"BOURNE CONSPIRACY" received low scores... but i really enjoy that game

and "GTA4" got 10s arcoss the board .... but i have only 1% trophies of it.... means didnt like it at all..

i have been gaming for 19yrs.. in old days it was all about games n fun .... but now its just another war.... and "war....war never changes"


Mo0eY3046d ago

It's quite clear that 8 in Sweden means 10 in USA. It just didn't translate over because Google doesn't do numbers. Stupid metric system. :)

DaTruth3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

So, rather than try something new and different for a little while(Uncharted 2 multiplayer), he'd rather go back to the same games he's been playing for 2-3 yrs(Halo & GofW).

I loved Warhawk, but there is only so much Warhawk I can take before I want to play something else!

Lol at 7 for replayability! I... sorry, everyone who owned the first one played it ten times through... and that one didn't have a multiplayer. And yes, I will speak for everyone and everyone will agree!

WenisWagon3046d ago

B-rated score for a B-rated game. I don't understand why you PlayBots are arguing with it.

paskowitz3046d ago

Oh sh!t a site give a game an 8 and everyone goes CRAZY OH NO! People these days.

DaTruth3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Seriously, why even have a comments section, if we're not allowed to share what we feel about the articles?

Does anyone here agree with this score?

There are two types of comments here; The ones that disagree with the review and the ones telling us we are not allowed to disagree with the review... So maybe we're on to something!

I don't care that he is entitled to his opinion; I am entitled to my own opinion of his opinion and write my opinion of his opinion in the comments section and point out anything I find wrong with it. If he doesn't like that, he has the right to keep his opinions to himself!

foxtheory3046d ago

It's not the fact that he gave it a 8/10, it's WHY he gave it a 8/10.

IdleLeeSiuLung3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

"Take for example KZ2. Reviewrs take so much time in bashing it for not brining something new to FPS and yet Halo 3 ODST with nothing new gets a 9 from Edge and a 7 for KZ2. Why is this?."

Have you considered that it might be different staff reviewing the games and hence they differ in opinion?

I frankly would be more concerned about what they are saying about the game rather than a stupid score that SOMEBODY thinks should be higher because some other game they deemed lesser got x score. I mean what does it mean that a game got 95% or 90% in the first place? It is an arbitrary score. The best system so far, is the grade scale for rating a game with A through F.

PostApocalyptic3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Just a few highlights: He's PC gamer. Former Sega fan (vendetta vs Sony?). Love racing games mostly. And thinks Gabe Newell is a swell guy.

Petter Hegevall - Editor / Art Director
[email protected]

Back injury editor with flair for design. No patience but loves strong profanity, excessive VIDEO VIOLENCE and high speeds. Prefer racing and action games over lengthy RPG. Often talk and be happy if Sega Saturn and dreaming of a Sega Rally arcade in your living room. Say they are cruel at basketball, but really he is just long.

Age: 32
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Specialties: Action & Racing
Worked on Gamereactor since: January 2002
Greatest strength as a writer: Comprehensive, knowledgeable, personal
Greatest weakness as a writer: No patience, spells bad
Best game memory: Meeting with the Marines in Half-Life
Most read text: Grand Theft Auto IV
Last published text: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Number of published texts: 3212
Depend on: speed, snow, sleep, and Sinatra
Dream: Owning a osthjälm
Dislikes: Fibers, public parks and Swedish films

Five favorite:
1. Half-Life 2
2. Nights: Into Dreams
3. Super Mario 64
4. Half-Life
5. Grand Theft Auto IV

Five favorite producers:
1. Gabe Newell, Valve Studios
2. Sam Houser, Rockstar
3. Shinji Mikami, Capcom
4. Hideo Kojima, Konami
5. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo

GiantEnemyCrab3046d ago

"Uncharted didn't have a single load time past the initial one. "

You are not being honest here or you remember incorrectly. I just played Uncharted and spent many minutes looking at the spinning Gold Coin down in the bottom right hand corner. The game has lots of loading but it doesn't kill the game at all.

aldesko3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you only see the spinning coin if you skip a cutscene? If the same applies to U2, why is the reviewer skipping cutscenes?

EDIT @ below: Well, I never die in Uncharted, so I didn't know that =P But seriously, it really seems like they were reaching to find some negatives, which is clearly indicative of an 8/10... /sarcasm

callahan093046d ago

If you skip a cutscene or if you die. And they are no worse than any other game out there. It's pretty silly to criticize Uncharted because of loading times, and if Uncharted 2 is as similar to Uncharted in terms of its streaming and loading times as all the other reports and reviews suggest, then it is equally silly to criticize Uncharted 2 because of loading times.

cmrbe3046d ago

So you are telling me that its just coincidence that Edge reserve their harshest reviewers for PS3 games and not x360 games?. MGS4 got a freaking 8 while an expansion got a 9 for crying out loud.

I don't care about these stupid numbers. What i care about is being fair. This is not being fair. This is downright lying. As a PS fan i only ask that the reviewers are fair or reasonable. Why is this so hard?. These numbers are important not for me but to the hardworking Sony devs that are cheated of sales and recognition of their hardwork because of these bullcrap reviews. That is what really pisses me off.

Boody-Bandit3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I don't remember load times in Uncharted and I thought Naughty Dog said UC2 will be the same.

GEC I don't recall a spinning gold coin in the original Uncharted. It's been ages since I played it but I don't recall any loading times at all.

This review is suspect to say the least. Hey I know "I'll wait until the professional reviews" (<-- that in itself is hysterical since the gaming media is complete garbage) to come out. ;)

Bubble Buddy3046d ago

A 7 for sound and re-playability is just nonsense. The voicework and music in Uncharted 1 was amazing and Uncharted 2 improves on that. PLUS they added online and the re-playability is still low. wtf?

Megaton3046d ago

@ Crab

As others have pointed out, only if you skip a cut scene or die, and I don't even remember them when I died.

MNicholas3046d ago

Gameplay ratings are typically based on personal preference and meaningless (for example many people would give God of War 10 but I would give it 5) but technical measures like audio and video are pretty cut and dry.

Visuals getting 10 is fine. Audio getting 7 is just bizarre. Is it really so mediocre?

Mo0eY3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Eat this man's bubbles! Yeah, WenisWagon's bubbles!

Seriously though, this guy always cheats the comment system and puts his comments at the top, and no one can reply to it. I know how to do it, and I've reported it to the admins, but they haven't done anything about it so yeah, get to chompin'.

DarK-SilV3046d ago

grab you are lying ,I was playing Uncharted last night ,there is no loading when you die ,there is just 2 to 3 second transition ,that is all.
there is only loading when you start the game up or when you continue from the last save point ,all the the other loading is in the background

BattleAxe3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Didn't Gamereactor give ODST a 9/10? .... Pathetic. ODST is a generic shooter that only some sites are giving truthful reviews about.

Microsoft pulls out the marketing wallet again. I bet that on the Spike TV Video Games Awards that Halo ODST will win "The best game fueled by Dew" LMAO

ultimolu3046d ago

I don't have problems with reviews because they are opinions. I have a problem with people who review games and most of their reviews completely contradict what the game is about in the first place.

What the hell is that guy talking about? For someone who has played the first Uncharted game, I'd say the guy is full of crap.

That's *my* opinion. His review don't fit his comments.