AggroGamer Review: Champions Online

AggroGamer: "Hello and welcome to Millennium City. Don your tights, cape, and/or power armor and take up the good fight to save the city and in turn, the world. That is the premise of Cryptic Studios' new MMORPG Champions Online. Champions being a very popular table top RPG system and Cryptic being best known for their City of Heroes/Villains MMO. How could this paring go wrong at all? It didn't in the very least. Let me tell you how.

You might be thinking, how could you have anything other than your standard PC MMO control set up? It works. It is reliable. It feels right. Hence why it is most likely the same in Champions Online. With a few little tweaks and additions to the control structure. The largest being the fact that you can navigate the entire game without using the mouse at all if you don't want to and all without having to alter the basic key bindings and mapping from the start. Only if you don't want to though."

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