Top 10 Warzones.

VGSensation writes: "We've all been there, thinking, 'Wow, I actually feel like I'm in a real battle here!'. There have been many of these in my opinion, but only some games can pull it off properly. Atmosphere plays a big part here though because you can give the player a weapon and an enemy to pacify, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have a believable encounter. Those game where you just have to stop and go 'Holy ****!' are the games I'll list here."

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Sunny_D3250d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 definately was my number 1 choice for top warzone. You really felt like you were unimportant to the 2 factions and like the article said: Just a pawn on a chessboard. It didn't feel like the enemies were shooting at you specifically, just because you're the main character. An example would be COD. You may have teammates, but the enemies seem to be only focused on you. But, in reality the enemy wants everyone dead.

N4G king3250d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

i think MAG should be in there too
thats right
the graphics may not look as good as killzone2
but the environment just puts you there

and it looks very good for a game with 250+ players in the same map at the same time


yah i think thats why its not in there

foxtheory3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

This article is about current games. You can't really come to a conclusion because it's not out yet.

chidori6663250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

killzone2>>>>gaylo 3 and calloff noob duty 4

dgroundwater3249d ago

Props for putting GRAW 2 on the list. That game could have been so much more.

ShabzS3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

yeah stallingrad mission from cod 1 is still amazing .... damn and i was playing that last night ... still gets me everytime ... even the push to red square is awesome ... which is the next level right after that ...