Anna, Asuka, And Lili's Extra Tekken 6 Costumes

Mamoru Nagano who worked on Five Star Stories designed outfits for Anna and Asuka. Ito Ogure of Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear fame got to dress up Lili Rochefort… and decided a lingerie wedding dress was a good fit.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2923d ago

Lili's extra costume is HOT! HOT HOT HOT!

hay2922d ago

Ecchi at it's finest.

rockleex2922d ago

I'd marry you... since you're already in a wedding dress. :P

El Botto2922d ago

The customs are sick.
Raptor custom
Werewolf custom
Lion custom
schoolgirl Craig Marduk
Emperor custom
And now this.

SICK, day one.

SSJSubgeta2922d ago

Did some one say Ecchi? :P