Microsoft offers cheap Windows 7 to UK and US students

In a move that can easily be described as "catch them while they're young", Microsoft will give students in the UK and US an excellent discount on the Windows 7 OS.

The students with a college or university e-mail address will be able to purchase Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for £30/$30.

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Pandamobile2986d ago

God damn, I hope my college qualifies. $30 for Windows 7 is a steal.

Voozi2986d ago

Yea I was about to cancel my $50 preorder I have on it but then decided to wait since there might be a twist to it all lol

FragMnTagM2986d ago

Will keep updated on when I receive it.

SnuggleBandit2986d ago

they copied apple...from snow leopard...great deal though

Anon19742986d ago

They're giving Windows 7 pro away at the technical school I'm going to in Canada. I installed it last week and am pretty damn happy with it so far.

However, my antivirus didn't run anymore and when I called them, I don't think the guy believed I had a legit copy of Windows 7. He just kept saying "Windows 7 isn't out yet and we won't support it till it is." Dink.

FragMnTagM2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

with no tax for me. This is a great deal, now I don't have to pirate it. :)j/k.

prunchess2986d ago

They've done this with most of their OS since windows 98.

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FinalFantasyFanatic2986d ago

We never seem to get any of these awesome deals, except we sometimes we get the student ones. Other then that we pay more then other countries...

Nihilism2986d ago

you never know, keep an eye out for those student deals, surely if the rest of the world's students can get it that cheap so can we, 'll be happy with anything less than the $289 i paid for my oem version of vista ultimate :S

SKUD2986d ago

No love for the working man?.

Bilzac2986d ago

LOL, my university got professional windows 7 for free for all students in the faculty 2 months before release =D

LukaX232986d ago

Apple has been doing this for years now. Way to stay up-to-date, Microsoft.

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