Fudzilla: Gainward 9800GT Golden Sample GLH reviewed

Fudzilla: "Today we'll show you Gainward's top notch version of the Geforce 9800 GT, which the company dubbed Geforce 9800 GT Golden Sample Goes Like Hell. This card comes with the core overclocked from reference 600MHz to 650MHz, shaders from 1500MHz to 1625MHz and the memory from 900MHz to 1100MHz (1800MHz to 2200MHz effectively). Furthermore, this card is surely a great addition to Gainward's 9800GT offer, which already features a few "Green Edition" cards. The aforementioned cards are apparently a trend now as they consume less but come clocked lower than reference.

The 9800 GT GS GLH comes with dual slot cooling. This cooler has been in Gainward's arsenal for a while, and it's instantly recognizable by the large central fan with the aluminum heatsink and the large plastic hood covering the rest of the card. The following photo shows our today's Gainward card codenamed GF9800GT GLH 512M DDR3 256B CRT DVI HDMI. As the name suggests, the card comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, 256-bit interface and comes with three types of video outs. "

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